11 TV shows every Doctor Who fan should watch

Doctor Who has been a fixture of television in the UK and across the globe for six decades, enthralling generations of fans with its unique blend of time-traveling adventures, unforgettable characters, and thought-provoking storytelling. The show’s enduring popularity can be attributed to its ability to constantly reinvent itself, with each new iteration of the Doctor bringing a fresh perspective and energy to the series from William Hartnell to Ncuti Gatwa. As a result, Doctor Who has become a beloved staple of the science fiction genre and a touchstone for countless fans around the world.

Given the vast and diverse landscape of television, it’s no surprise that there are numerous other shows that share elements with Doctor Who, whether it be in terms of tone, narrative structure, or thematic exploration. These series offer a treasure trove of entertainment for Doctor Who fans, providing new worlds to explore and characters to fall in love with, while still retaining the sense of wonder and excitement that has made the adventures of the Doctor so captivating.

In this list, we will be delving into 11 TV shows every Doctor Who fan should watch, highlighting the series that share a kinship with the beloved Time Lord and his TARDIS. These shows span across various genres, from science fiction and fantasy to mystery and adventure, offering a rich and diverse selection of programming that will appeal to the discerning Doctor Who fan. Whether you’re looking for something to fill the void between seasons, or simply seeking new series to binge-watch, these shows are sure to capture your imagination and provide countless hours of enjoyment.

So, join us as we embark on a journey through time and space, discovering the TV shows that every Doctor Who fan should add to their watchlist. From hidden gems to well-known classics, these series offer a wealth of entertainment and excitement that will transport you to new worlds and spark your sense of adventure, just like the Doctor himself.

11 TV shows every Doctor Who fan should watch


This sci-fi drama delves into the world of fringe science, following an FBI team as they investigate unexplained phenomena, parallel universes, and the boundaries of reality. The themes are sure to interest people who have followed the Doctor through space and time answering questions that trouble the universe.

Warehouse 13

This generally lighthearted sci-fi series follows two Secret Service agents as they track down powerful artefacts and keep them safely stored in the mysterious Warehouse 13. The series will remind Doctor Who fans of many elements of mystery from the show and has similar sensibilities at times.

Quantum Leap

In this classic time travel series, Dr. Sam Beckett “leaps” into the bodies of different people throughout history, trying to right the wrongs of the past and find his way back home. The changing nature of the show and the intriguing set ups will appeal to all Doctor Who fans.

Star Trek (The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise)

The iconic Star Trek franchise offers various series that explore themes of exploration, diplomacy, and the human condition through the adventures of starship crews in the far reaches of space. There is a huge amount to explore in the Star Trek universe, and much of it will resonate with the Doctor Who audiences of both classic and modern stories.


This British sci-fi series follows a group of scientists and adventurers as they investigate time anomalies that allow creatures from the past and future to enter present-day Earth. Although there are more dinosaurs than most episodes of Doctor Who, the multi-dimensional parts to the show and the problem solving will certainly appeal to Whovians.


Set in the quirky and secretive town of Eureka, this series follows the adventures of a U.S. Marshal and the brilliant scientists who live and work in a community dedicated to cutting-edge research and innovation. Sound good? Give it a try…

The X-Files

This classic sci-fi drama follows FBI agents Mulder and Scully as they investigate unexplained cases involving paranormal phenomena, government conspiracies, and extraterrestrial life.

Orphan Black

This compelling sci-fi thriller stars Tatiana Maslany in multiple roles as a group of clones who discover their true origins while trying to stay one step ahead of sinister forces. A modern classic f the science fiction genre, those who like the adventures of the Doctor are sure to find similar excitement in this story.


This time-traveling drama centres on a team of operatives from the future who send their consciousness back in time to inhabit the bodies of present-day people, working together to prevent a catastrophic future. There’s three seasons to explore, so why not try them now?


OK, this is rather obvious – but we had to mention it! The Doctor Who spin-off, created by Russell T. Davies (once again showrunner of DW), follows the adventures of Captain Jack Harkness and pals as they investigate extraterrestrial incidents on Earth and protect humanity from alien threats.

The Sarah Jane Adventures

Another Doctor Who spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures stars Elisabeth Sladen as former companion Sarah Jane Smith, who uses her knowledge of aliens and advanced technology to protect Earth from extraterrestrial dangers. A charming and brilliant show aimed at a slightly younger audience.