Doctor Who releases new David Tennant Fourteenth Doctor material

“A new life… with an old face! Is there more to the Doctor’s latest regeneration than we know?”

That’s what today’s tweet from the BBC asks as the Corporation unveiled a new picture of David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor shortly after unveiling the new 60th logo for Doctor Who.

The social media message, which coincides with Doctor Who Day, also points readers to a page on the BBC’s website where there is a little more information.

The page says: “A tumultuous clash with the Master saw the Doctor being forcefully regenerated into her best enemy – and back again, with the help of Yaz and a few more of the Doctor’s friends. However, the Doctor was left mortally wounded by the experience; and after saying goodbye to Yaz, she regenerated peacefully and alone. But the new Doctor discovered his new face was in fact an old face – that of one of his former incarnations! What has caused him to revisit his old appearance? Is there more at work here than even the Doctor can understand? Only time (and space) will tell…”

It also introduces David Tennant’s Fourteenth as “First Regular Appearance: The Power of the Doctor” but for “Last Regular Appearance” just has a blank space.

At the end of The Power of the Doctor, the last episode of Doctor Who in Chris Chibnall’s era as showrunner, the Thirteenth Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker regenerated outside the TARDIS into David Tennant’s Fourteenth, rather than into Ncuti Gatwa’s incarnation of the Doctor as expected. We’ll have to wait until the festive period of 2023 to see Gatwa’s first full episode as pilot of the TARDIS before he goes off with new companion Ruby Sunday played by Millie Gibson in 2024.

Before that there will be three new episodes of the show created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who which will star Tennant, as well as Catherine Tate and Neil Patrick Harris.

These will be the first episodes as part of a new deal between the BBC and Disney to make Disney+ the international home of Doctor Who.