7 best Doctor Who episodes featuring the Daleks

Introduced in the show’s first season in 1963, the Daleks are among the most iconic and enduring enemies in the Doctor Who universe. Hailing from the planet Skaro, these cyborg creatures are known for their ruthless pursuit of domination and their chilling catchphrase, “Exterminate!”

Over the years, the Daleks have been central to some of the most memorable, thought-provoking, and entertaining stories in the series, appearing across multiple Doctors’ tenures from William Hartnell’s First Doctor to Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth. and evolving in intriguing ways.

Today we explore seven of the best Doctor Who episodes featuring the Daleks, showcasing their significant contribution to the show’s enduring success.

“The Daleks”

The second serial of the First Doctor (William Hartnell), “The Daleks” is the story that introduced these fearsome creatures. The story finds the Doctor and his companions on the radiation-soaked planet of Skaro, where they encounter the Daleks for the first time. This show establishes the Daleks’ malevolent nature and sets the tone for many confrontations to come. The beginning of an era so to speak…

“Genesis of the Daleks”

In this classic Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) story, the Doctor is sent by the Time Lords to prevent the creation of the Daleks. The episode introduces the Daleks’ creator, Davros, and presents a moral quandary: does the Doctor have the right to commit genocide to save countless lives in the future? This episode is often hailed as one of the best in the entire sixty years of Doctor Who. Wow, that’s quite an achievement.

“Remembrance of the Daleks”

This Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) story sees the return of the Daleks to 1963 London, where they seek the powerful Hand of Omega. The episode is notable for its exploration of the Dalek factions and the Doctor’s strategic mind, culminating in a satisfying showdown. Hold your breath for some serious excitement.

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