8 Game Boy games that were just so good

In the realm of video games, few consoles have had as lasting an impact as the Game Boy. First released in 1989, this handheld gaming device revolutionised the industry, offering players the chance to take their favourite games on the go and experience the thrill of gaming in the palm of their hands. And within months it became the must-have gift and was to be seen in school bags and on coffee tables up and down the country and across the globe.

The Game Boy’s extensive library of titles, spanning various genres and styles, played a crucial role in its success, introducing gamers to a world of unforgettable adventures, characters, and gameplay experiences. Although the graphics may not have been what we’d expect from modern devices like the Switch, the playability of the titles was certainly just as exciting.

In this list, we take a nostalgic journey through handheld gaming history, celebrating 8 Game Boy games that were just SO good that we still think about them today. These iconic titles, which captured the hearts and minds of an entire generation, showcase the ingenuity and creativity of game developers during the Game Boy era. From classic platform games and action-packed adventures to immersive role-playing games and innovative puzzle titles like Tetris (so good they’ve made a film about it!), these Game Boy games stand the test of time and continue to be remembered fondly by those who grew up with the beloved console.

So, grab your batteries and prepare to dive back into the world of 8-bit gaming as we explore the very best that the Game Boy had to offer, and remember the joy and excitement of playing these truly remarkable games.


Arguably one of the most iconic games on the Game Boy, Tetris is a puzzle game that challenged players to strategically stack falling tetrominoes to clear lines and score points. It’s addictive gameplay and catchy music made it a must-have title for Game Boy owners and is one of the best-remembered games from the era, recently made into a film the legend of Tetris continues.

Pokémon Red and Blue

The Pokémon games took the world by storm (very much like Pokemon itself did), allowing players to embark on an adventure to capture, train, and battle with a variety of unique creatures. These titles introduced the beloved franchise and became instant classics, laying the foundation for future Pokémon games that are as popular today as they were then.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Link’s Awakening brought the magic of The Legend of Zelda series to the Game Boy, offering a brand new adventure in a rich, immersive world. With its captivating story, challenging puzzles, and memorable characters, this game became a fan-favourite among Zelda enthusiasts and although the graphics have improved on later editions will always rival the many other titles in the franchise.

Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land brought the iconic plumber to the handheld scene, featuring a brand-new adventure with unique power-ups, enemies, and environments. The game retained the charm and platforming-prowess fun of its console counterparts, proving that Mario’s adventures could be just as enjoyable on the go. Being able to take Mario and Luigi anywhere literally changed the game – a game that millions still love today.

Kirby’s Dream Land

The debut of the adorable pink puffball, Kirby’s Dream Land introduced players to the character’s unique abilities and charming world. It’s memorable music and enjoyable platforming gameplay would quickly establish Kirby as a beloved Nintendo mascot who would feature in a franchise that is still being developed across modern consoles.

Donkey Kong

This Game Boy adaptation of the classic arcade game added new levels, mechanics, and puzzles, breathing new life into the iconic title. Donkey Kong on the Game Boy offered a fresh, challenging experience while staying true to the spirit of the original game. Just like with Mario Bros. being able to play Donkey Konf while on a train or on a plane made the gaming world a much better place.

Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge

The first Mega Man game on the Game Boy, Dr. Wily’s Revenge brought the action-packed gameplay of the series to the handheld console – and it did it in some serious style. With its challenging levels, memorable boss battles, and satisfying power-ups, this title showcased Mega Man’s potential on the smaller screen and still thrills gamers who remember it today.

Final Fantasy Adventure

As a precursor to the Mana series, Final Fantasy Adventure brought a unique action RPG experience to the Game Boy. With its engaging story, strategic combat, and expansive world, this title demonstrated the potential for handheld gaming to deliver deep, immersive experiences beyond what you might expect from such a small screen.