8 signs you’re hooked on Doctor Who

Since its inception on the BBC in 1963, Doctor Who has captivated audiences with its thrilling adventures in space and time, eccentric characters, and a plethora of unforgettable serials and stories. With its distinct British flair and an indomitable charm that transcends generations, the show has amassed a dedicated and passionate fanbase across the globe which has sustained, even when the show was off air from 1989 to 2005. This iconic series has stood the test of time, regenerating and reinventing itself, much like its titular character, the Doctor.

Doctor Who is more than just a television series; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has permeated various aspects of popular culture, from fashion to literature and even music. For many fans, watching the Doctor and their companions navigate the complexities of the universe, encounter alien races, and unravel the mysteries of time travel is an experience that transcends mere entertainment. Instead, it becomes a way of life, an essential component of their personal identity.

As a Whovian, you may find that your love for the show has left a big mark on your daily life. In this article, we’ll explore eight signs that you’re well and truly hooked on Doctor Who.

So, strap in, grab your sonic screwdriver, and join us on a journey through the space-time vortex as we delve into the world of Doctor Who fandom.

Your Vocabulary Includes Doctor Who Terminology

Whovians are known for incorporating Doctor Who lingo into their everyday conversations. If you find yourself using words like “TARDIS,” “Time Lord,” “Dalek,” and “regeneration” with ease, you’re probably fairly hooked on the show. You might even have picked up a few catchphrases from your favourite Doctors, such as “Allons-y!” or “Geronimo!” – these are also telltale signs you’re into the show for the long haul.

You Own an Impressive Collection of Doctor Who Merchandise

From action figures and books to T-shirts and home decor, the Doctor Who universe is filled with an array of merchandise catering to fans’ every whim. If you’ve amassed a collection of Doctor Who memorabilia that would make even the most devoted fan envious, it’s a sure sign that you’re hooked!

Your Ringtone and phone alerts are Doctor Who Themed

If the iconic Doctor Who theme tune greets you every time your phone rings or a Dalek says “Exterminate!” when your WhatsApp chimes, there’s no doubt about your passion for the show. These are proud public declarations of your Whovian status!

BBC Studios/ Alistair Heap

You’ve Attended Doctor Who Conventions and Meet-ups

Doctor Who fans love to gather and celebrate their shared passion for the show. If you’ve attended conventions, meet-ups with former cast members, or special events (both in real life or online), it’s a clear sign that you’re hooked on the series and its fascinating universe.

You’ve Dressed as a Doctor Who Character for Halloween or Cosplay Events

When it comes to dressing up, Doctor Who offers a wealth of inspiration. If you’ve donned the attire of your favourite Doctor, companion, or even villain for Halloween or cosplay events then it’s undeniable that you’re a die-hard fan. And well done!

You Have Strong Opinions About Each Doctor and Companion

With so many different incarnations of the Doctor and a multitude of companions from 1963 to today, every Whovian has their favourites and least favourites. If you find yourself engaging in spirited debates about the merits of each Doctor and companion or the best bits of certain showrunner’s eras, it’s a sure sign that you’re hooked on the show.

BBC STUDIOS/ James Pardon

You’ve Tried to Build Your Own TARDIS or Sonic Screwdriver

A true Whovian’s passion for Doctor Who might even extend to DIY projects inspired by the show. If you’ve attempted to build your own TARDIS out of cardboard boxes or make a sonic screwdriver from things you’ve found around the house, you’re undoubtedly immersed deep in the world of Doctor Who.

You’re Constantly Recommending Doctor Who to Friends and Family

When you’re hooked on Doctor Who, it’s only natural to want to share the excitement and adventure with others. If you find yourself urging friends and family to watch the show or discussing your favourite episodes with anyone who’ll listen, there’s no denying that Doctor Who has taken hold of your life. Welcome to the Who family.