Who is the best Doctor Who enemy?

The Doctor has been trying to outwit alines and villains from across the universe for nearly sixty years now, but which of the many enemies he’s encountered along the way is the very best? Who do you think is the best baddie creation in the BBC’s science fiction series, and who would you just love to see more of as we go forward with the show?

There’s a lot going on in the world of Doctor Who right now with the 60th-anniversary episodes starring David Tennant the next thing for us to look forward to on screen. And as exciting a prospect as that is for us all to speculate around, especially how Donna Noble (played by a returning Catherine Tate) and Yasmin Finney’s Rose will fit into the story as they do battle with Neil Patrick Harris’s character, it’s worth remembering we have a pretty long wait until November 2023.

Indeed, there’s even longer until the festive season of 2023 when we will see Ncuti Gatwa arrive on our screens as the Fifteenth Doctor alongside his new companion Ruby Sunday played by former Coronation Street star Millie Gibson in Doctor Who season 14.

And so while we wait, and people continue to speculate about how the new deal between the BBC and Disney might affect the show (will there be more money in the budget, more American stars and could there be spinoffs?) this is a good time to entertain ourselves by looking back at some of the best bits of the last six decades of TV.

We already have solved the riddle of who is the tallest Doctor, and who was in the TARDIS longest, as well as the youngest person to play the part – and we’ve asked the question who’s the best Doctor ever… so now it’s time for the baddies to have some fun.

Below are listed a bunch of the best enemies that the Doctor has battled throughout the years – from Cybermen and Daleks to The Silence and Autons there’s plenty to choose from – and if your favourite character that you love to hate isn’t there, you can always add your own at the bottom.

All you need to do is pick one, and then later we’ll see who Whovians think is the greatest Doctor Who enemy of them all.

Let us begin…

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