The best gangster movies on Netflix

Gangster movies have always been a huge favourite with film fans, and over the years some of the most celebrated movies have had gangster themes and have attracted some of the biggest named directors and actors to star in lavish Hollywood productions. But what are the best gangster movies on Netflix that you can watch and stream right now? What are the movies that will have you making sure the front door is double locked when you go to bed and have you squirming when things aren’t going the way of the gangland bosses?

We’ve selected some of the best gangster movies that you can watch right now on the streaming service with different styles of movies; some quite similar and some very different from one another. The one thing they all have in common is they are filled with drama and – yep you guessed it, they all have gangsters in them! Not all the settings are familiar, indeed there’s some that will feel a long way from home for many – but it turns out gangsters can get into every environment on film.

OK, let’s begin our journey into the best gangster movies you can watch and stream right now on Netflix…

The Irishman

De Niro, Pacino and Pesci play key roles in The Irishman. It follows a World War II veteran and hustler Frank Sheeran as he tells the epic tale of organized crime in post-war America. The film spans across decades and offers a perspective into the disappearance of labor union head Jimmy Hoffa.

Uncut Gems

Netflix’s Uncut Gems is one of the best gangster movies currently streaming. Howard Ratner is a risky, high-stakes jeweller who gambles in the hopes of success. The protagonist alongside his family and enemies create an exciting story, in high-raised suspense. The cast is excellent, and the director, does a great job of keeping the tension high throughout the film. If you’re looking for a good gangster movie to watch on Netflix, Uncut Gems is definitely worth checking out. The cast includes Adam Sandler, Julia Fox, Idina Menzel, and Kevin Garnett.

Uncut Gems

Shot Caller

Shot Caller is a 2017 American action crime thriller film directed by Ric Roman Waugh and written by Dave Andron. The film stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Omari Hardwick, Lake Bell, Jon Bernthal, Jeffrey Donovan, Emory Cohen and Holt McCallany. Shot Caller follows the transformation of a man (Coster-Waldau) who is sent to prison after a deadly car accident. In order to survive the harsh conditions of prison life, he must join a violent gang.

Gun City

Gun City is a gangster movie set in Barcelona during the 1920s. The film follows the story of an anti-establishment gangster who goes up against the city’s corrupt police force.

Killing Them Softly

The movie Killing Them Softly is about a group of criminals who are hired to kill a local mobster. The cast includes Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta, and James Gandolfini. The director is Andrew Dominik. The movie has received positive reviews from critics across the board. Brad Pitt’s performance in particular has been praised as being truly captivating. Killing Them Softly is a good choice for fans of gangster movies who are looking for something to watch on Netflix.

Donnie Brasco

Donnie Brasco tells the true story of FBI agent Joe Pistone, who went undercover in the Mafia in the 1970s. Al Pacino and Johnny Depp give terrific performances as Pistone and his mobster target, Lefty Ruggiero. The film chronicles Pistone’s infiltration of the Bonanno crime family and how his undercover work led to the arrest and conviction of several top Mafia bosses.

Imperial Dreams

Imperial Dreams

Netflix’s Imperial Dreams is one of the best gangster movies you can watch right now. It tells the story of a young man named Bambi who is trying to make a better life for himself and his son after being released from prison. Though he is released from prison, he still has to deal with the gangs that control his neighborhood. The cast is excellent, headed up by John Boyega, with everyone giving great performances. The director, Malik Vitthal, does an amazing job of bringing this world to life.

How I fell in Love with a Gangster

This movie is about a woman who falls in love with a man who is a part of the mafia. Even though she knows that he is involved in illegal activities and mixed up in organised crime, she can’t help but be drawn to him – that’s love, right? The movie is full of action and suspense, and it’s one of the best gangster movies you can stream at the moment on Netflix.

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