Best Pixar movies of all time

If you love animated films, you are probably a fan of Pixar who have for several decades now been producing some of the best-known and best-loved animated films that have delighted audiences of all ages across the globe.

One of the great things about Pixar is that their films appeal to all ages, they have storylines that are clearly aimed at children, but they also know that most kids at the cinema will be watching the film with their parents, so they ensure there are enough jokes, plot lines and characters in play to ensure that the older audience leaves with a smile on their face. This is something that we saw really start to come through in Toy Story, and ever since then is a theme that has developed in almost every major animated film to come out of Hollywood, whether it’s Pixar or another studio.

But back to the best Pixar. There are now a lot of films to choose from, but what is the best? If you were going to have a Pixar party (is that a thing?) which films would you choose to be screened at it?

Well, we know it’s going to be controversial and not everyone will agree, but we’ve made a ranked list of our favourite Pixar films from ten down to one.

You can see the full reasoning behind the list and clips from the movies in the video below (we always recommend you watch these for the full experience), but if you’re in a rush, here’s that top ten for you to consider…

The Top 10 Pixar Movies

10. Onward

9. Soul

8. The Incredibles

7. Up

6. Inside Out

5. Monsters Inc.

4. Coco

3. Wall-E

2. Finding Nemo

1.Toy Story (franchise)

What do you think? Is that the right order? Go check out the video and leave your comments, and of course if you like it – don’t forget to like it and subscribe to the channel.

How can I watch the best Pixar movies?

All of the films above are available to watch now on Disney+, so why not remind yourself of how good they all are!

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