6 times we all loved Rory Williams in Doctor Who

Let’s face it, Doctor Who has been a staple of British television for over half a century… and we love it! It’s been enthralling viewers with its captivating adventures through time and space since 1963 and it looks like stopping no time soon. The BBC sci-fi series has introduced us to a vast array of unforgettable characters, from various incarnations of the Doctor to a wide range of companions who have accompanied the Time Lord on their extraordinary journeys. Among these companions, Rory Williams, portrayed by Arthur Darvill, has stayed in the hearts of fans, thanks to his unwavering loyalty, courage, and warmth.

Rory first appeared in the fifth series of the modern era, alongside the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) and Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), his fiancée and later wife. Over the course of his tenure on the show, Rory evolved from a timid and somewhat insecure young man to a steadfast and resourceful hero, facing down intergalactic threats and personal challenges with determination and heart. His relationship with Amy provided a touching and relatable anchor to the show’s fantastical elements, while his interactions with the Doctor showcased his growth as a character and his ever-increasing confidence.

In this article, we will be celebrating six times we all loved Rory Williams in Doctor Who (yes, there are probably more!), as we revisit some of the character’s most memorable moments, heroic actions, and emotional scenes.

From his unwavering dedication to protecting those he loves to his witty banter and heartfelt vulnerability, Rory’s journey is one that resonates with viewers and stands as a testament to the power of love, friendship, and personal growth. So, grab your sonic screwdriver and join us as we explore the unforgettable adventures of Rory Williams, one of Doctor Who’s most beloved companions.

The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang (Series 5, Episodes 12 & 13)

In these climactic episodes, Rory showcases his unwavering loyalty and love for Amy by guarding her while she’s trapped inside the Pandorica for nearly 2,000 years. His devotion to her is nothing short of extraordinary, and it’s a testament to the depth of their bond. Yep, it’s a time we all realised we loved Rory!

A Good Man Goes to War (Series 6, Episode 7)

This episode sees Rory donning his Roman centurion attire once more as he bravely confronts an entire Cyberman fleet to rescue his kidnapped wife and unborn child. The scene in which he demands to know where his wife is from the Cyber Leader showcases his courage and determination. Everyone was cheering him on as his strength of character began to grow on the screen before our eyes.

The Doctor’s Wife (Series 6, Episode 4)

In this brilliant and very popular Neil Gaiman-penned episode, Rory’s wit and resourcefulness shine through as he and Amy navigate the sentient and ever-changing corridors of the TARDIS. Despite the danger, Rory’s humour and bravery never waver, providing some light-hearted moments amidst the chaos and cementing his place in our hearts as one of the good guys.

The Girl Who Waited (Series 6, Episode 10)

In this very emotional episode, Rory is faced with the heart-wrenching decision of which version of Amy to save: the younger version or the older, battle-hardened one. His loyalty and love for his wife are put to the test, and his ultimate choice demonstrates his unwavering commitment to their life together. However, we see a side to him and a depth to his character that we haven’t seen before.

The God Complex (Series 6, Episode 11)

Rory’s strength of character is on full display when he’s the only one not to succumb to the hotel’s sinister power, which exploits people’s fears and faith. His steadfast nature and lack of fear showcase his personal growth and fortitude, and his support for Amy and the Doctor is invaluable. This is Rory at his very best as a Doctor Who companion.

The Angels Take Manhattan(Series 7, Episode 5)

In Rory’s final heart-wrenching appearance, he faces the terrifying Weeping Angels in a desperate bid to save himself and Amy from being trapped in the past forever. Rory’s selflessness and bravery in this episode, combined with his heartrending farewell to the Doctor, make for a truly unforgettable and emotional conclusion to his journey as a companion. One of the great moments of the modern era of Doctor Who. Bravo!