The 7 best Scarlett Johansson movies

Scarlett Johansson has been one of the biggest names in Hollywood for several decades now, appearing in movies of varying genres, picking up awards and winning both critical and fan praise in many of her most famous roles.

A number of the films that she is best known for have an indie feel to them, although Johansson has also starred in the huge Marvel franchise too, proving that she is a versatile actor with the ability to surprise and delight audiences at every turn.

With so many films to choose from in a stellar career, there will certainly be some debate about which are the best Scarlett Johansson films, but hopefully this seven of the best list (which is also available as a video below) includes many of your favourites from the brilliant actor who is a BAFTA winner and has been nominated for an Oscar twice in recent years for her performances in two films that are on this list.

OK, let’s start our countdown…

The best Scarlett Johansson movies ranked

7. Black Widow

The former agent of shield and highly trained KGB assassin, Natasha Romanof (or the Black Widow) sees her story front and centre in the 24th MCU movie as the title star. Johansson plays a strong, complex and vulnerable character in this adrenaline fuelled adventure.

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6. Under the Skin

Johansson received a huge amount of acclaim for her role in this 2013 film directed by Jonathan Glazer in which she performs largely without words as a creepy and other-worldly character who preys on men in Scotland to harvest their souls. Yes, it is a bit strange! This is a really stunning performance that you must see.

5. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

The first of two Woody Allen films on this list, Johansson stars alongside Rebecca Hall in this romantic comedy as one of two young American women who arrive in Barcelona only to become entangled in a complex love quadrangle with Javier Barden’s Juan and his unstable wife Maria, played by Penelope Cruz.

4. JoJo Rabbit

Johansson quite rightly earned a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her standout performance inn this 2019 comedy drama set during the Second World War. A devoted, yet anti-Nazi mother, she must deal with a son in the Hitler Youth while hiding a Jewish girl from the horrors of the regime.

3. Match Point

Another Woody Allen film, much praise has been heaped upon Johansson for her performance in this movie which deals with themes of money, greed and infidelity. She plays a complex role at the centre of family politics having an affair with her brother in law played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

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Match Point © Icon Films

2. Marriage Story

Johansson plays an actress who has been married to a director (played by Adam driver) in this critically acclaimed tale of a marriage breaking down and coming to an end. The title may be optimistic for a story of divorce, but the performance of Johansson is simply sublime, earning her another Oscar nomination.

1. Lost in Translation

This 2003 masterpiece from Sophia Copolla is an early Johansson film, but remains the very top of the pile. Playing a young woman in Japan alone while her husband works, she strikes up a friendship with an older American celebrity (played by Bill Murray) and we see a beautiful story of discovery unfold. Nuanced, wonderfully paced and simply unmissable – this performance won Scarlett Johansson a BAFTA for Best Actress and an army of film fans across the globe.

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