The best shows like Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders has been one of the most successful period dramas for the BBC in the last few decades. Created by Stephen Knight, the show follows the fortunes of the titular Peaky Blinders gang between the wars in Birmingham.

Starring Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby, the show has won armies of fans across the world for its gritty and exciting storylines, ripping soundtrack and novel visual effects.

The problem is, Peaky Blinders has come to an end on TV. And although there are plans for a movie (or maybe more), there’s going to be a significant wait for fans before they get their next fix of all things Shelby – so we’re gonna need a plan.

Luckily we set sail across the internet and have found some of the best shows that we think Peaky Blinders fans will love, and we present them to you here in all their glory…

Gangs of London

The title probably gives away it’s not set in Birmingham, and I’ll give away that it’s not a period drama – but Gareth Evans’ (The Raid) spectacular crime drama should appeal to Peaky fans. It’s set in the murky world of gangs at war, has more than a bit of violence, and at the heart of it has the story of a family of people living lives as well as being gangsters. It’s also slickly produced and presented in away that is sure to please. Watch it on Sky Box sets / NOW

Animal Kingdom

It’s not only a show about a young man who becomes part of a crime family (so far so Peaky) it actually stars Finn Cole, that’s bloody Michael Gray from Peaky Blinders. How can you not want to try that! You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.


Starring familiar face Tom Hardy for Blinders fans and co-created by PK creator Steve Knight himself, the show revolves around a man inheriting a shipping empire in a dark and dodgy London. Lots of intrigue and plotting in this beautifully constructed tale. You can watch it on BBC iPlayer

BoardWalk Empire

Oozing with HBO cash on the screen alongside star Steve Buscemi, this sultry and gritty tale of Atlantic City in the prohibition era shares a lot with PB. Returning soldiers from war, corrupt politicians, rival gangs and speakeasies galore… if you haven’t seen it. See it. Watch it on Sky Box sets / NOW


Starring Jason Momoa as a half-Irish half-Cree outlaw in late 1700s Canada, this may be a long way from Birmingham but the show has similar sensibilities in the way it is centred around a man who is hell bent on doing what it takes to get by amongst warring groups of people. Just like Peaky, this story of the fur trade can be cutthroat and adrenaline filled at every turn.

Ripper Street

Set in the dark and dangerous streets of Victorian England, this may be a little before the events of Peaky Blinders, but viewers will get a certain sense of familiarity about this story of crime and cloak and dagger goings on. If you’re keen on the cat and mouse elements of Peaky Blinders, this is a good choice…

Penny Dreadful

A dark and twisted drama with lots of intriguing characters appearing from history, this show set in Victorian London will appeal to those who enjoy the twists and turns of Peaky Blinders against a period drama backdrop.

Breaking Bad

One of the ultimate anti-hero stories in modern television, this may be a drama set in modern day America, but the characters, the mood and the theme of batting crime gangs and one man’s mission to outsmart them all will certainly resonate with those who like Tommy Shelby.

Ripper Street

Back in Victorian London the hunt is on across Whitechapel for a serial killer, indeed, is it Jack the Ripper again? If you like the mysteries and the plot twists of Peaky Blinders, then you’re sure to enjoy this classy drama starring Mathew Macfadgen, Jerome Flynn, Myana Buring and Adam Rothenberg. And with five seasons of it to watch, there’s plenty to be getting on with…


Another show that has you rooting for the bad guys, because apparently they’re not quite as bad as the really bad guys – the story of Marty Byrde and his family on a mission to outsmart the Mexican drug cartels is reminiscent of the larger forces always breathing down Tommy’s neck in Peaky.