Best shows like Stranger Things

Stranger Things season 4 split across two parts comes as a welcome arrival in 2022 for fans of the Duffer Brothers’ supernatural Netflix adventure who have been waiting since before the pandemic to see what happens next to the kids of Hawkins, Indiana.

And although a new season is always something to look forward to, it is also something that often lasts precious little time in the Netflix age as we binge the whole thing in a day and are left wondering what we should watch next?

Well, that’s where Screen OD is there to help, as we have gathered together some other TV shows that we think you’ll like if you love Stranger Things.

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Of course, they are all different in style and have varying reasons why we think you’ll like them – from exploring the supernatural, to an examination of bonds between young friends. Whatever the reason you love watching Stranger Things, we hope that you’ll find your next box set binge in this collection of shows.

So, if you’re ready – let us begin…

The best shows to watch is you love Stranger Things

The X-Files

An enormous phenomenon in the world of sci-fi in the 1990s, The X-Files continues to be one of the most important shows of its genre, influencing so many shows that deal with areas of the unknown that have come after it. With the tagline “The Truth is out There,” the show follows the adventures of FBI agents Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (portrayed by Gillian Anderson) as they encounter supernatural and alien forces through their work. Pitting a natural sceptic against a believer causes natural tension in the show that has plenty for Stranger Things fans to enjoy. Indeed Mulder and Scully would be very useful in Hawkins, Indiana… perhaps a crossover should happen?

The X-Files – Series 01 – Fox

The OA

If you’re at the more casual end of sci-fi and fantasy and enjoy Stranger Things in passing, this show might be a bit intense for you as it is without a doubt one of the strangest and most curious on this list. Created by Brit Marling this intriguing story which crosses sci-fi, fantasy and mystery genres follows the fortunes of a young woman called Prairie Johnson who went missing seven years before – when she went away she was blind, but on her return she has begun calling herself The OA and she can see. Frankly that’s just the start of things in a truly twisting story that will keep you guessing. There’s definitely elements that Stranger Things fans will enjoy in this show, but you may have to give it a little time.


There are immediate common themes between this German smash hit on Netflix and Stranger Tings – namely the plot begins with missing children and is set in a small town. The story centres around different generations of families living in their own times in the same place, and begins to quickly get caught up in how actions of the past begin to change the way we live in the future. Although this is much more about time and space than Stranger Things which focusses more on dimensional change and monsters, if you like what Hawkins has to offer, you are sure to enjoy spending time in the Dark.

Dark Season 1 – Netflix

Twin Peaks

Mark Frost and David Lynch’s cult classic in the early 1990s is easy to compare to Stranger Things in many ways, and it’s hard to see how the events of Hawkins couldn’t have in some ways been influenced by what went on in the fictional town in Washington. Following the story of an investigation into the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) by FBI special agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and Sheriff of Twin Peaks Harry S. Truman (Michael Ontkean), this show has all the supernatural elements you’d hope for as a Stranger Things fan as well as its fair share of trademark David Lynch surrealism, humour and horror rolled in. A must-see if you love the work of the Duffer Brothers.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

A classic of its genre that won armies of fans through its original run, Buffy remains a show that many return to time and again. Starring Sarah Michelle Geller in the title role, it’s easy to draw comparisons between her character as a powerful force at the centre of a group of friends, just like Eleven is within the Hawkins gang. And while the show is also about battling supernatural forces and journeys into the unknown, the friendships and the bonds between those in the characters of Buffy are sure to resonate with those who enjoy watching the chemistry between the kids of Hawkins.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer © Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

Eerie Indiana

Well, for a stat it’s set in Indiana, which gives this series a big tick if you’re looking for a Stranger Things connection – but beyond that, this often underrated early 1990s series combines many similar elements including friendship between kids and weird supernatural stuff happening everywhere. The series focusses primarily on the exploits of Marshall Teller (played by Omri Katz) and his best friend Simon Holmes (played by  Justin Shenkarow) as they attempt to solve the many eerie and supernatural issues that Indiana presents to them. Horror, sci-fi and mystery combine for 19 episodes of this series. A rare gem to entertain Stranger Things fans between seasons, perhaps?