Is Billie Piper in the TV show or movie? Quiz

It’s time to immerse yourself in the compelling world of the renowned British actress Billie Piper – a fan favourite and a great talent who has performed across many genres from drama and sci-fi to comedy in TV and the movies. With her effortless charm and captivating performances, Piper has made a name for herself in the heart of the film and television industry both in the UK where she’s from and across the globe.

Making a successful transition from a pop singing career, Piper first captured audiences worldwide as Rose Tyler in the acclaimed BBC series “Doctor Who”. However, her range extends far beyond the TARDIS, from the compelling drama “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” to her powerful performance in “I Hate Suzie”. She embodies each character with remarkable authenticity and undeniable charisma.

Today (although we’ve already given away a few of the answers!) we’re challenging your knowledge of Billie Piper’s filmography and back catalogue. When we name a TV show or a film, can you tell us whether she’s been it or not? It’s a simple game in many ways, but only a true Piper super fan will be able to get 100% so let’s see what you’re made of…

There’s 20 titles to choose from, so there are plenty of chances to score well – but also to be tripped up by some tricks thrown in along the way.

Without further ado, let’s embark on this intriguing exploration of Billie Piper’s diverse career. Grab your popcorn, get comfortable, and let the quiz begin!

Is Billie Piper in the TV show or movie?


Did Billie Piper appear in the following movies or TV shows?

  1. “Doctor Who”
  2. “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”
  3. “I Hate Suzie”
  4. “Penny Dreadful”
  5. “Collateral”
  6. “Mansfield Park”
  7. “The Ruby in the Smoke”
  8. “Spirit Trap”
  9. “The Canterbury Tales”
  10. “True Love”
  11. “The Day of the Triffids”
  12. “The Shadow in the North”
  13. “Torchwood”
  14. “The Kevin Bishop Show”
  15. “Things to Do Before You’re 30”
  16. “Love Life”
  17. “Shakespeare-Told”
  18. “Yerma”
  19. “Beast”
  20. “Eternal Beauty”


  1. “Doctor Who” – Yes (2005-2013, as Rose Tyler)
  2. “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” – Yes (2007-2011, as Belle)
  3. “I Hate Suzie” – Yes (2020, as Suzie Pickles)
  4. “Penny Dreadful” – Yes (2014-2016, as Brona Croft/Lily)
  5. “Collateral” – No
  6. “Mansfield Park” – Yes (2007, as Fanny Price)
  7. “The Ruby in the Smoke” – Yes (2006, as Sally Lockhart)
  8. “Spirit Trap” – Yes (2005, as Jenny)
  9. “The Canterbury Tales” – Yes (2003, as Alison Crosby)
  10. “True Love” – Yes (2012, as Holly)
  11. “The Day of the Triffids” – No
  12. “The Shadow in the North” – Yes (2007, as Sally Lockhart)
  13. “Torchwood” – No
  14. “The Kevin Bishop Show” – No
  15. “Things to Do Before You’re 30” – Yes (2005, as Vicky)
  16. “Love Life” – No
  17. “Shakespeare-Told” – No
  18. “Yerma” – Yes (2017, as Her – stage play filmed as a movie)
  19. “Beast” – Yes (2017, as Grace – Short Film)
  20. “Eternal Beauty” – Yes (2019, as Nicola)

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