Can you match the Britpop artist to the album title? Quiz

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of British music in our latest great quiz: “Can You Match the Album Title to the Britpop Band?” (I don’t know how we keep coming up with such classics either!)

This brilliant musical-themed quiz invites you on an audio journey down memory lane through the iconic era known as Britpop, a golden period in UK music history that saw a wave of British bands dominating the charts and capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. (Remember Oasis v Blur and all that?)

In the mid-90s, Britpop emerged as a refreshing counterpoint to the American grunge scene and the more synthesised pop music and dance vibes that had been dominating the charts. With its catchy melodies, guitar-driven sound, and lyricism steeped in British life, Britpop swept across the globe. It was a movement that signified not just a musical revolution, but a cultural one, as it interwove with art, politics, and fashion.

The movement was spearheaded by bands like Blur and Oasis, who embodied the cultural rivalry between the North and South of England. Albums such as Oasis’ “Definitely Maybe” and Blur’s “Parklife” became defining works of the era. Beyond these titans, numerous bands like Pulp, Suede, and The Verve all contributed their distinctive sounds and voices to this vibrant scene.

So, are you ready to delve into this unforgettable era of British music? Whether you were a 90s indie kid, or you’ve discovered Britpop later on, this quiz offers a nostalgic trip back to the age of Cool Britannia. Lace up your Adidas trainers, zip up your track top, and let’s get quizzing!

Can you match the Britpop artist to the album title?


  1. “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”
  2. “Parklife”
  3. “Different Class”
  4. “Urban Hymns”
  5. “Definitely Maybe”
  6. “His ‘n’ Hers”
  7. “The Great Escape”
  8. “Coming Up”
  9. “Moseley Shoals”
  10. “All Change”
  11. “In It for the Money”
  12. “The Good Will Out”
  13. “Expecting to Fly”
  14. “K”
  15. “Word Gets Around”
  16. “The It Girl”
  17. “Attack of the Grey Lantern”
  18. “I Should Coco”
  19. “Modern Life is Rubbish”
  20. “Olympian”
  21. “Grand Prix”
  22. “Wake Up!”
  23. “It’s Great When You’re Straight… Yeah”
  24. “I’ve Been Expecting You”


  1. Oasis (1995)
  2. Blur (1994)
  3. Pulp (1995)
  4. The Verve (1997)
  5. Oasis (1994)
  6. Pulp (1994)
  7. Blur (1995)
  8. Suede (1996)
  9. Ocean Colour Scene (1996)
  10. Cast (1995)
  11. Supergrass (1997)
  12. Embrace (1998)
  13. The Bluetones (1996)
  14. Kula Shaker (1996)
  15. Stereophonics (1997)
  16. Sleeper (1996)
  17. Mansun (1997)
  18. Supergrass (1995)
  19. Blur (1993)
  20. Gene (1995)
  21. Teenage Fanclub (1995)
  22. The Boo Radleys (1995)
  23. Black Grape (1995)
  24. Robbie Williams (1998)

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