Can you match the TV show to the character’s name? Quiz

Oh yes. If you’re a television fan you’re in for a treat today. It’s time to play our excellent and taxing “Can You Match the Character Name to the TV Show?”

This quiz is a roller coaster ride through some of the most popular, engaging, and iconic television series of all time, and we’re sure it’ll test your memory, ignite nostalgia, and maybe even encourage you to re-watch some of your favourite shows.

In the trivia quiz, we’ll throw the spotlight on a host of different characters, ranging from lead protagonists to supporting roles that have left an indelible mark on audiences. These characters are from a variety of genres such as drama, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, and many more. They have brought us joy, made us cry, kept us on the edge of our seats, and often became like a part of our family as we’ve watched their stories unfold.

Here’s how the quiz works: We’ll provide the name of a character, and your challenge is to match this character to the TV show they appeared in. Remember, some characters might have appeared in more than one show, but we are looking for the show that made them a household name.

Whether you’re a casual viewer who enjoys a good binge-watch or a seasoned TV show aficionado with an encyclopedic knowledge of characters, this quiz promises to be an enjoyable challenge.

So, sit back, get comfy, and prepare to delve into the colorful world of TV characters. Let’s see how many characters you can match to their TV shows!

Ready? Let’s start the show!

Game of Thrones

Can you match the TV show to the character’s name?


  1. Walter White
  2. Tony Soprano
  3. Daenerys Targaryen
  4. Carrie Bradshaw
  5. Sheldon Cooper
  6. Ted Mosby
  7. Tyrion Lannister
  8. Jessica Pearson
  9. Daryl Dixon
  10. Jack Shephard
  11. Olivia Pope
  12. Michael Scott
  13. Barney Stinson
  14. Rose Tyler
  15. Chandler Bing
  16. Lorelai Gilmore
  17. Cersei Lannister
  18. Don Draper
  19. Meredith Grey
  20. Dexter Morgan


  1. Breaking Bad
  2. The Sopranos
  3. Game of Thrones
  4. Sex and the City
  5. The Big Bang Theory
  6. How I Met Your Mother
  7. Game of Thrones
  8. Suits
  9. The Walking Dead
  10. Lost
  11. Scandal
  12. The Office (US)
  13. How I Met Your Mother
  14. Doctor Who
  15. Friends
  16. Gilmore Girls
  17. Game of Thrones
  18. Mad Men
  19. Grey’s Anatomy
  20. Dexter

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