7 times Clara Oswald was just ace in Doctor Who

Doctor Who has been a staple of science fiction television for six decades, continuing to capture the hearts and minds of viewers across generations with each regeneration. The long-running BBC series has given us countless adventures through time and space, featuring a diverse range of characters, each with their unique qualities and charm.

One such character, who has left an important and welcome mark on the Whoniverse, is Clara Oswald, portrayed by Jenna Coleman. Clara, also known as “The Impossible Girl,” joined the Doctor as a companion during Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor’s tenure and continued to travel alongside the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi), winning over fans with her intelligence, bravery, and wit.

Clara Oswald’s character development and story arc throughout her time on Doctor Who showcased her strength, resilience, and growth, solidifying her place as one of the show’s most beloved companions. Her dynamic chemistry with both the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors added depth to their relationships, and her impact on the Doctor’s character was palpable, making her a fan favourite and an essential part of the series’ lore.

In this rundown, we will be exploring seven moments when Clara Oswald was just quite simply ace in Doctor Who – instances that highlight her ingenuity, courage, and compassion, as well as her undeniable influence on the Doctor’s journey and the show’s story. These moments serve as a testament to Clara’s importance within the Doctor Who narrative and showcase the talents of Jenna Coleman in bringing this captivating character to life.

So, if you are ready, join us as we delve into the adventures of Clara Oswald and celebrate the moments that made her an unforgettable and integral part of the Doctor Who universe.

“Asylum of the Daleks” – Oswin Oswald:

Before Clara officially joined the Doctor, she appeared as Oswin Oswald, a genius hacker who turned out to be a Dalek. Her resourcefulness and bravery in helping the Doctor and his companions escape the Dalek asylum showcased her potential as a future companion. Quite the introduction to the series, and this list!

“The Snowmen” – Victorian Clara

In this Christmas special, Clara showed her bravery and resourcefulness as she helped the Doctor uncover the mystery of the sentient snowmen. Although Victorian Clara ultimately met a tragic end, her spirit and determination left a lasting impression on the Doctor – and on everyone who watches the show.

“The Name of the Doctor” – Saving the Doctor:

When the Great Intelligence threatened to rewrite the Doctor’s entire timeline, Clara made the ultimate sacrifice, scattering herself through the Doctor’s timeline to save him from his numerous foes. This selfless act of courage demonstrated her devotion to the Doctor and her willingness to risk everything for the greater good. Now if that’s not, ace we don’t know what is!

“The Day of the Doctor” – The Zygon Inversion

Clara played a crucial role in the 50th-anniversary special, working alongside both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors to save the Earth from the Zygon threat. Her quick thinking and ability to bring the two Doctors together showcased her resourcefulness and dedication. Good work from a great companion in time and space.

“Listen” – Facing Fear

In this introspective episode, Clara joined the Doctor on a journey to uncover the nature of fear itself. Her empathy and understanding helped the Doctor confront his own fears, leading to a powerful and emotional resolution. It showed a new side to her character and as a companion.

“Flatline” – Becoming the Doctor

When the Doctor was trapped inside a shrinking TARDIS, Clara took on the role of the Doctor to save the day. Her intelligence, bravery, and ability to think on her feet made her the perfect stand-in for the Doctor and demonstrated her growth as a character.

“Face the Raven” – Clara’s Farewell

In her final episode, Clara faced her own mortality with courage and grace. As she prepared to face the Quantum Shade, she delivered an inspiring speech about fear and the importance of standing up for what’s right, even in the face of danger.