Classic Monsters thrilled David Tennant in Doctor Who 60th

We’re all looking forward to the return of Doctor Who to our screens in November 2023, not least because it’s been away for so long… but also because we’re getting to witness the triumphant return of David Tennant to the TARDIS.

But it’s not just viewers who are getting excited about the upcoming episodes, Tennant himself has been enjoying the experience it seems – especially when he came across a classic Doctor Who monster in the episode.

We found out in the trailer at Christmas that Beep the Meep was going to be in the shows alongside the Wrath Warriors, but now we’ve found out a little more about how the Tenth Doctor actor, now playing the Fourteenth Doctor, reacted on set.

“There are these eight-foot-tall monsters on stilts, in massive plastic suits, who couldn’t see a thing and could barely stand up… so a classic Doctor Who situation,” director Rachel Talalay told Doctor Who Magazine.

“When David comes along and says he wants a photograph with them. And he says, ‘That smell – that slightly rubbery smell is exactly everything I remember!’ And I just thought, ‘It’s amazing that this is my job.'”

Well, who wouldn’t eh!?

There are bound to be many surprises in store for fans in the 60th-anniversary specials that we know will star Catherine Tate as Donna Noble and Yasmin Finney as Rose and Neil Patrick Harris.

After the 60th shows, which will be the first to be made as part of a new deal between the BBC and Disney, Ncuti Gatwa will make his first full episode debut as the Fifteenth Doctor around the festive period. He’ll be accompanied by his new companion Ruby Sunday played by former Corrie star Millie Gibson.