David Tennant Doctor Who quiz

David Tennant is one of the best-loved Doctor’s of all time, and his era as the Tenth incarnation of the Timelord is considered one of the best eras of the show since its reboot in 2005 under Russell T Davies and he’s starred in some of the best Doctor Who episodes of all time. With Davies due to soon be back helming the show, there is a rumour doing the rounds of the Whoniverse that David Tennant could actually be returning to the iconic role at some time in the near future. Although this may be wishful thinking for fans of Mr Tennant, that doesn’t stop us from remembering when he was pilot of the TARDIS… and well, doing a bit of quizzing around the theme!

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But for now, let us concentrate our attentions on the era of the Tenth, and the ultimate David Tennant Doctor Who quiz

If you are ready, let us begin…

David Tennant Doctor Who Quiz Questions

Question 1. In What year did David Tennant become the Tenth Doctor?

Question 2. What was the name of the first episode in which the Tenth Doctor appeared?

Question 3. In what year was David Tennant born?

Question 4. What was the first full-length Doctor Who TV episode that David Tennant starred as the Tenth Doctor in?

Question 5. Who plays Lady Cassandra in 2006 story New Earth?

Question 6. Who does Peter Capaldi play in the 2008 Tennant episode, The Fires of Pompeii

Question 7. Which novelist features in The Unicorn and the Wasp?

Question 8. What’s the name of the short story by Steven Moffat that the episode Blink is based on?

Question 9. What item do the Family of Blood want in the episode of the same name?

Question 10. What is the name of the order of Daleks who feature in Daleks in Manhattan?

David Tennant Doctor Who Quiz Answers

Answer 1. 2005

Answer 2. The Parting of the Ways

Answer 3. 1971

Answer 4. The Christmas Invasion

Answer 5. Zoë Wanamaker

Answer 6. Caecilius

Answer 7. Agatha Christie

Answer 8. What I Did on My Christmas Holidays’ By Sally Sparrow

Answer 9. Fob watch

Answer 10. Cult of Skaro

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