David Tennant on working with Georgia: “We’re quite happy to do that increasingly”

Doctor Who star David Tennant has revealed that he found working with his wife Georgia Tennant on the lockdown TV show Staged fun and that the pair would be more than happy to work together more in the future.

The couple featured together in Staged which launched during the lockdown of 2020 in the UK and saw David Tennant practising for a play with Michael Sheen on video calls. The show became a standout hit and has gone on to have two further series. In the comedy, because of the nature of the lockdown, the only person who could appear in the same scenes physically as David was his wife Georgia, who fortunately is also an actor.

The pair of course acted together in the past, having first met on the set of Doctor Who when David was playing the Tenth Doctor and Georgia, actually the daughter of Fifth Doctor actor Peter Davison, played Jenny an artificially-created daughter of the Doctor in the episode The Doctor’s Daughter.

But that was in 2008 with a full crew and a studio. In 2020, the pair had no such luxuries.

“It’s not something we’d done a lot of, but then suddenly we’re locked in our house and if you’re going to make a TV show there are only the people next to you who you can make it with. It was a very particular set of circumstances. It just made sense,” David Tennant explained to Times Radio.

He added: “We’ve been together a long time, we’ve got a billion kids. We’re more of a robust structure, so I don’t think we were quite so nervous as we once were”

But after they got going on the project, it turns out the pair quite like acting together, and David says he’d be happy to do more of it in the future.

Tennant continued: “Also, we’ve discovered we enjoy working together. Doing Staged, when we were effectively filming ourselves and directing ourselves, staging the whole thing, we discovered we quite like it. It’s quite fun, so we’re quite happy to do that increasingly.”

With the Doctor Who 60th-anniversary specials coming up in 2023 and David Tennant playing the starring role of the Fourteenth in the episodes opposite Catherine Tate – could there be a way for Russell T Davies to write Jenny back into the show for a return to the sci-fi series?

Wishful thinking for Who fans, or the perfect full circle for a match made in the Whoniverse?