David Tennant on Inside Man “It’s very particular to Steven Moffat’s brain”

David Tennant is the star of Inside Man opposite Stanley Tucci, a dark and twisty affair, which sees him reunited with the former showrunner and longtime writer of Doctor Who – a TV programme he knows a fair bit about after playing the Tenth incarnation of the Timelord in the BBC science fiction hit.

Inside Man tells the story of four main characters, Harry Watling a priest in Britain played by David Tennant whose life quickly begins to spiral out of control. Jefferson Grieff, a death row prisoner and former criminologist played by Stanley Tucci. A reporter Beth Davenport, played by Lydia West and a maths teacher who ends up locked in a basement called Janice Fife, played by Dolly Wells.

The story sees all of their lives intersect in an unexpected way and is based around the central premise that anyone is capable of murder with the right reasons and a bad day.

But what was it that attracted David Tennant to the role?

“I just read the script and wanted to be part of it, it’s very particular to Steven Moffat’s brain.” David Tennant told the BBC.

He added: “When you read that first episode it’s hugely intriguing. These two very distinct storylines are both entirely plausible, textured and fascinating in themselves and they are running side by side. It’s very difficult I think to immediately imagine how they will ever come together on different sides of the world, for these characters living entirely separate existence, they couldn’t seem to be more different.”

He went on to talk more about the mystery behind the series: “Yet as an audience we assume there must be some link but really we’re quite far into the story before those links start to appear. It’s part of the set- up of the sort of puzzle of that along with the almost breath-taking awfulness of what occurs, the incremental steps to doom that Harry takes, the unravelling of normality. Steven described it as a sitcom that goes terribly wrong.”

David Tennant is not only making great new drama right now, it was announced this year that he will be returning to Doctor Who as the Doctor alongside his popular on-screen companion Donna Noble, played by Catherine Tate for the 60th anniversary celebrations of the show in 2023.

It is widely expected that there will be three anniversary specials of Doctor Who in 2023 under the stewardship of new (and returning) showrunner Russell T Davies. It is expected this will be the first serious chance we get to see incoming Doctor Ncuti Gatwa in the role.

Before that, there will be one final episode of the Jodie Whittaker era, The Power of the Doctor, in October to celebrate the 100th birthday of the BBC.

Inside Man is available on BBC and BBC iPlayer in the UK and will be streaming on Netflix across the globe very soon.