David Tennant ‘a bit jealous’ of Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Who journey

The beauty of Doctor Who is that the lead role is passed from performer to performer, and once a Doctor always a Doctor. From William Hartnell in 1963 all the way through to the Doctors of the modern era like, Christopher Eccleston, Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith and Jodie Whittaker – the entry The Doctor on an actor’s CV remains a badge of honour forever more.

And such is the thrill of playing the Doctor in the BBC’s science fiction series, sometimes actors can’t help but feel a little envious of the newest stars about to go on such an exciting journey in space and time.

Well, that’s certainly what David Tennant, the man who portrayed the Tenth incarnation of the Time Lord has said.

Speaking to the BBC, Tennant said he couldn’t help but feel “a little bit jealous” of Ncuti Gatwa “starting on this exciting journey.”

And who can blame him, it’s an iconic role – and one that in the modern era tends to lead to even bigger and better things for actors after they appear in the series.

“Ncuti is brilliant,” added Tennant, who played the Doctor Who lead role between 2005-2010 when Russel T Davies ran the show for the first time before handing the baton on to Matt Smith under the showrunnership (if that’s a word) of Steven Moffat.

“He’s a lovely, lovely man and he’s full of beans and he’s really talented. I mean he’s like scary-talented.

“So I’m thrilled for every Doctor Who fan for what’s to come and I include myself in that number.”

David Tennant, who is currently starring in Steven Moffat’s BBC drama Inside Man opposite Stanley Tucci will be returning to Doctor Who in 2023 as part of the 60th-anniversary celebrations. He will reprise his role as the Doctor with Catherine Tate also returning as his companion Donna Noble. It is understood there will probably be three parts to the 60th specials and it will see Ncuti Gatwa feature as the Doctor for the first time.

It is thought that filming for the first full season of Doctor Who with Ncuti Gatwa as pilot of the TARDIS will begin in November 2023.

Before that, next month Jodie Whittaker will make her last appearance as the Doctor in The Power of the Doctor, a feature-length special made to mark the 100th birthday of the BBC. This week, Whittaker explained that the episode will be “one for the Whovians” and we are aware of a number of returning friends and foes of the Doctor, including the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Master – so it sounds likely to be an epic battle.