Can you match the Doctor Who companion to their first episode? Quiz

Greetings, Whovians from across the globe and perhaps even the entire galaxy!

Today we have a special treat for all you time travellers and space adventurers out there (and those who just dream of it): a quiz designed to test your knowledge of one of the longest-running and most beloved science fiction series in television history, the BBC’s blockbusting Doctor Who. Spanning six decades, the series has enthralled countless fans with its engaging storylines, intriguing characters, and, of course, its brilliant companions since 1963 – but how well do you know them?

The Doctor, a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, is never without a companion, each one leaving a huge mark on the series and the hearts of its viewers. From the original companion Susan Foreman, the Doctor’s granddaughter, to Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Amy Pond, Donna Noble, and many more, each companion has shared unique adventures with the Doctor and faced countless perils in space and time.

This quiz will transport you on a journey across the cosmos and through time, exploring the first appearances of some of the Doctor’s most memorable companions. Each question will present you with the name of a companion and four episodes. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to match the companion with the episode in which they first appeared. It sounds simple, but its actually more difficult than you might think!

So, ready your sonic screwdrivers, hold on tight to your TARDIS, and prepare to travel the space-time continuum. Without further ado, it’s time to put your Doctor Who knowledge to the test!

Can you match the Doctor Who companion to their first episode?


Question 1:
In which episode did Susan Foreman first appear?
a) An Unearthly Child
b) The Dalek Invasion of Earth
c) The Sensorites
d) The Chase

Question 2:
What is the first episode featuring Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright?
a) The Aztecs
b) An Unearthly Child
c) The Edge of Destruction
d) The Dalek Invasion of Earth

Question 3:
In which episode did we first meet Vicki?
a) The Rescue
b) The Romans
c) The Space Museum
d) The Web Planet

Question 4:
What is the debut episode of Jamie McCrimmon?
a) The Highlanders
b) The Underwater Menace
c) The Moonbase
d) The Faceless Ones

Question 5:
In which episode did Zoe Heriot first appear?
a) The Wheel in Space
b) The Dominators
c) The Mind Robber
d) The Invasion

Question 6:
In which episode was Sarah Jane Smith introduced?
a) The Time Warrior
b) Invasion of the Dinosaurs
c) The Monster of Peladon
d) Planet of the Spiders

Question 7:
What is the first episode featuring Leela?
a) The Face of Evil
b) The Robots of Death
c) The Talons of Weng-Chiang
d) Horror of Fang Rock

Question 8:
In which episode did Romana I and II first appear?
a) The Ribos Operation
b) City of Death
c) Shada
d) The Leisure Hive

Question 9:
What is the debut episode of Tegan Jovanka?
a) Logopolis
b) Castrovalva
c) Black Orchid
d) Earthshock

Question 10:
In which episode did Peri Brown first appear?
a) Planet of Fire
b) The Caves of Androzani
c) The Twin Dilemma
d) Vengeance on Varos

Question 11:
What is the first episode featuring Mel Bush?
a) Terror of the Vervoids
b) The Ultimate Foe
c) Time and the Rani
d) Paradise Towers

Question 12:
In which episode did we first meet Ace?
a) Dragonfire
b) Remembrance of the Daleks
c) The Happiness Patrol
d) Silver Nemesis

Question 13:
In which episode did Rose Tyler first appear?
a) Rose
b) The End of the World
c) Dalek
d) The Long Game

Question 14:
What is the debut episode of Martha Jones?
a) Smith and Jones
b) The Shakespeare Code
c) Human Nature
d) Blink

Question 15:
In which episode was Donna Noble introduced?
a) The Runaway Bride
b) Partners in Crime
c) The Fires of Pompeii
d) Planet of the Ood

Question 16:
What is the first episode featuring Amy Pond?
a) The Eleventh Hour
b) The Beast Below
c) Victory of the Daleks
d) The Time of Angels

Question 17:
In which episode did Clara Oswald first appear?
a) Asylum of the Daleks
b) The Snowmen
c) The Bells of Saint John
d) The Rings of Akhaten

Question 18:
What is the debut episode of Bill Potts?
a) The Pilot
b) Smile
c) Thin Ice
d) Knock Knock

Question 19:
In which episode did Ryan Sinclair, Yasmin Khan and Graham O’Brien first appear?
a) The Woman Who Fell to Earth
b) The Ghost Monument
c) Rosa
d) Arachnids in the UK

Question 20:
What is the first episode featuring Dan Lewis?
a) The Halloween Apocalypse
b) War of the Sontarans
c) Once, Upon Time
d) Village of the Angels

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