Did you spot these Doctor Who references in Futurama?

Doctor Who is a show that has long been one of the favourites in the world of science fiction across the globe, and in its 60 years of adventures in space and time has inspired audiences from many generations and walks of life. It’s no wonder therefore that the BBC show has been referenced in many other television shows, movies, comic books and video games throughout the years by people creating content.

And therefore it probably doesn’t come as a massive surprise that there are Doctor Who references in one of the wittiest and most well-loved science fiction animated comedy series of the modern era, Matt Groening’s Futurama. Running across seven seasons since 199, the show from The Simpsons creator has won armies of fans for its sarcastic and satirical take on the world through a science fiction lens. But have you spotted all the Doctor Who references in the show? There’s bee a few…

First and most obvious is the appearance of the Doctor himself and the TARDIS in the episode Möbius Dick from 2011. In the episode, the Doctor, who looks a lot like Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor is seen in several parts of the story as well as entering the TARDIS.

Look, here’s the TARDIS, the Doctor and futuristic-looking London red double-decker bus in action…

But that’s not the only Doctor Who reference in Futurama.

Eagle-eyed fans of science fiction may have noticed that in the episode All The President’s Heads, also from 2011, the Doctor once again appears in the show – but on this occasion there’s a much more subtle Doctor Who reference too.

If you look carefully amongst the jarred heads of former Presidents of the United States you’ll spot a certain Amelia Pond in there amongst them too. Be honest, did you see that?

Oh, and if that’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, then this final one is definitely something you may have not seen first time round.

Luckily we’ve got a big green circle and a big neon yellow arrow to help you find what you’re looking for.

In the background of the episode Assie Come Home from 2013, it looks like someone has thrown a decommissioned Dalek on the scrap heap alongside a load of robots.

It doesn’t look like it’ll be doing much exterminating in that condition… but never write off a Dalek!

Doctor Who returns in November 2023 with 60th anniversary specials starring David Tennant and Doctor Who season 14 starring Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson will arrive shortly after.