Can you beat this tough Doctor Who quiz?

OK, so you think you’re a Doctor Who fan?

With the 60th anniversary coming up, we’ve scoured the history books and trivia sites for some really taxing Doctor Who questions that we believe will test the grey matter of even a Time Lord to devise a fiendish quiz that will have you thinking.

So, if you know your TARDIS from your Time Lord and your sonic screwdriver from your Cyberman, it’s time to see if you can score top marks in the Doctor Who quiz which takes adventures in space and time through the world of the long-running BBC science fiction series…

Answers are at the bottom of the page, so no peaking until you’ve tried to answer them all.

Doctor Who quiz questions

  1. What two-word phrase is used repeatedly throughout series one of the 2005 rebooted show, and is also the name of one of the episodes?
  2. What nickname did the Doctor have at the Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey?
  3. Can you name the Doctor from the classic series who never had a Cyberman story of his own, but did have an encounter with Cybermen?
  4. How many episodes of classic Who aired before the show was cancelled in 1989? 727, 694, 588 or 650?
  5. In which Doctor Who episode did River Song first appear?
  6. From which planet do the Ice Warriors come?
  7. Who is the longest-serving Doctor actor? And how many series were they in the role?
  8. What role did Colin Baker play in Doctor Who before becoming the Sixth Doctor?
  9. What is the name of the small disc that held the Twelfth Doctor captive for four and half billion years?
  10. Which fruit did the Tenth Doctor take a dislike to?
  11. The very first episode of Doctor Who aired just one day after which hugely important historical event?
  12. In which year was the first episode of Doctor Who shown in colour on TV? What was the name of the serial?
  13. On how many of Sally Sparrow’s DVDs does the Doctor leave his Easter Egg in Blink?
  14. Which author do the Doctor and Donna run into in The Unicorn and the Wasp?
  15. What is the first line uttered by David Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor?
  16. With which Doctor did companion Ace travel?
  17. First seen in The Tomb of the Cybermen, what is the name of the small metallic enemies created by the Cybermen?
  18. David Bradley has portrayed William Hartnell in Doctor Who in recent years, but which actor played William Hartnell in The Five Doctors?
  19. In the episode Journey’s End, the Doctor reveals how many pilots the TARDIS should have. How many is it?
  20. How many seconds does it take for The Foretold to synchronise victims and kill them?

Doctor Who quiz answers

  1. Bad Wolf
  2. Theta Sigma
  3. Jon Pertwee / The Third Doctor. He faced them in the Five Doctors but not in his own run.
  4. 694
  5. Silence in the Library
  6. Mars
  7. Tom Baker. Seven series.
  8. Commander Maxil in the serial Arc Of Infinity.
  9. The Confession Dial
  10. Pears
  11. The assassination of President John F Kennedy.
  12. 1970. The Spearhead in Space.
  13. 17
  14. Agatha Christie.
  15. “I know these teeth…”
  16. The Seventh / Sylvester McCoy
  17. Cybermats
  18. Richard Hurndall
  19. At least 6
  20. 66 seconds

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