Can you match the Doctor Who monster to their home planet? Quiz

Welcome, esteemed Time Lords, Time Ladies, and Whovians from all corners of the known and unknown universe! You are as always very welcome to another Screen OD quiz (we have many!)

Today, we’ll embark on a fascinating journey, a cross-dimensional leap into the vast, complex, and sometimes petrifying universe of Doctor Who, in an exciting quiz titled “Match the Home Planet to the Doctor Who Monster”.

Doctor Who, a much-beloved BBC science fiction series from the United Kingdom, has graced our television screens for more than half a century. Over these years, The Doctor – an enigmatic, eccentric, and sometimes eccentrically enigmatic Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey – has encountered an astonishing variety of creatures from thousands of different planets across time and space.

As Whovians, you’re well-versed in the adventures of our time-travelling hero. But how familiar are you with the origins of the myriad beings he’s encountered? Do you remember the natal stars of those fearsome Daleks or the enigmatic Ood? Can you pinpoint the home planets of the dreaded Cybermen or the mesmerisingly bizarre Slitheen? Today, your knowledge of these celestial homes and their formidable denizens will be put to the test!

Hold onto your sonic screwdrivers and prepare to step inside the TARDIS, because it’s time to play “Match the Home Planet to the Doctor Who Monster”!

BBC STUDIOS 2022/ James Pardon

Can you match the Doctor Who monster to their home planet?


  1. From which planet do the Daleks originate?
  2. What is the home world of the Cybermen?
  3. The Ood hail from which planet?
  4. What is the home world of the Slitheen?
  5. The Sontarans are a martial race from which planet?
  6. The Zygons, shape-shifting creatures, call which planet home?
  7. The Weeping Angels have an unknown origin, but what was the supposed home planet in ‘The Time of Angels’?
  8. Which planet are the Ice Warriors from?
  9. What is the home world of the Silurians?
  10. The Judoon are a species of intergalactic police originating from which planet?
  11. Which planet are the Raxacoricofallapatorians from?
  12. What is the home world of the Autons?
  13. The Silence are a religious order from which planet?
  14. The planet Ravalox was renamed but was originally home to which creatures?
  15. The Monoids are from where?
  16. Which planet are the Axons from?
  17. The Toclafane are actually a future version of humanity, but from which year?
  18. What is the home world of the Vervoids?
  19. Which planet do the Foamasi hail from?
  20. The Carrionites originate from which planet?


  1. Daleks originate from the planet Skaro.
  2. The home world of the Cybermen is Mondas.
  3. The Ood come from the Ood Sphere.
  4. The home world of the Slitheen is Raxacoricofallapatorius.
  5. The Sontarans come from the planet Sontar.
  6. The Zygons call Zygor their home.
  7. The Weeping Angels’ supposed home planet in ‘The Time of Angels’ is the lost moon of Poosh.
  8. The Ice Warriors are from Mars.
  9. The Silurians are originally from Earth.
  10. The Judoon originate from Judoonia.
  11. The Raxacoricofallapatorians are also from Raxacoricofallapatorius.
  12. The Autons originate from Polymos.
  13. The Silence come from Earth but the exact origin is ambiguous due to their ability to manipulate memory.
  14. Ravalox, originally Earth, was home to the Humans.
  15. The Monoids come from an unknown home planet, but they inhabited the Ark spaceship in the future Earth.
  16. The Axons come from the Axos planet.
  17. The Toclafane are a future version of humanity from the year 100 Trillion.
  18. The home world of the Vervoids is never specified in the series.
  19. The Foamasi hail from the planet Phoamasi.
  20. The Carrionites were banished to the Deep Darkness, their origin is not specified by a planet.

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