Can you recognise the Doctor Who episode from just one screenshot?

Are you a Doctor Who super fan?

Do you think you know every episode of the modern era inside out, upside down and back to front?

Well, it’s time to prove it in our Doctor Who quiz

Below are ten screenshots from ten episodes of Doctor Who from the modern era. But how many of the episodes can you name of these stories from 2005 and beyond with just one screenshot from the show?

That’s right, there’s no video, no clips and no clues… just one single screenshot and your Doctor Who skills.

We imagine some of you will be able to get eight or nine of the answers correct… but can anyone get all ten?

When you’re done, why not head over to the Screen OD YouTube channel and enjoy video reviews and views of the biggest shows and franchises from Doctor Who to Star Wars.

OK, if you are ready, shall we begin with the quiz?

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