Doctor Who quiz: How well do you know Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor?

Doctor Who is in its 60th year and there’s lots for fans of the show to be excited about.

There’s the triumphant return of showrunner Russell T Davies as well as the unexpected but very welcome return of David Tennant as the Doctor for the three 60th anniversary special episodes to be broadcast in November.

Add to that the excitement and speculation around the Doctor Who BBC and Disney+ deal that was announced in September 2022, the rumours of spin-off shows and mega budgets – as well as the return of more favourite characters from the past, and you could almost be forgiven for forgetting that we’ll have a new Doctor and companion in the show when season 14 kicks off in 2024.

But before we talk anymore about Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson, who will play the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday after the birthday celebrations finish – it’s worth remembering one thing… there is a bit of a gap until we have more new Who.

That’s why we’re taking the chance to look back before we look forward with a crafty quiz that will test your knowledge of one of the favourite Doctors of the modern era – the Eleventh, played by Matt Smith.

So, if you are ready, let’s do some quizzing and see if you know your stuff Whovians…

Matt Smith Eleventh Doctor Doctor Who quiz


  1. How many years did Amy, ‘the girl who waited’ wait for the Doctor to return in the Eleventh Hour?
  2. What nickname does Amy give the Doctor?
  3. Which famous actors voice is used for The Great Intelligence in the episode The Snowmen?
  4. What was the final phrase that Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor uttered at the end of his regular run in the show?
  5. On which planet is the majority of the episode The Time of Angels set?
  6. What is the name of the boat builder that the Doctor encounters in The Vampires of Venice?
  7. Who plays The Dream Lord in Amy’s Choice?
  8. Which redesigned aliens feature in The Hungry Earth?
  9. Which actor appeared uncredited as the museum curator in Vincent and the Doctor?
  10. In which Essex town is The Lodger set?
  11. Under which famous landmark is the Pandorica found in The Pandorica Opens?
  12. Who plays Abigail in A Christmas Carol?
  13. In which Century is The Curse of the Black spot set?
  14. Who voices the House in The Doctor’s Wife?
  15. in which English county is The Crimson Horror set?
  16. What is the name of the theme park’s museum curator in Nightmare in Silver?
  17. The magnetic tractor beam of what type of ship captures the TARDIS in Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS?
  18. In what building is the majority of The God Complex set?
  19. What’s the name of the shapeshifting robot in The Wedding of River Song?
  20. Who plays Madge Arwell in The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe?


  1. 12 years
  2. Raggedy Man
  3. Sir Ian McKellen
  4. “I will always remember when the Doctor was me”
  5. Alfava Metraxis
  6. Guido
  7. Toby Jones
  8. Silurians
  9. Bill Nighy
  10. Colchester
  11. Stone Henge
  12. Katherine Jenkins
  13. 17th
  14. Michael Sheen
  15. Yorkshire
  16.  Webley
  17. Salvage ship
  18. Hotel
  19. Teselecta
  20. Claire Skinner

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