Doctor Who quiz questions and answers

If you love Doctor Who you are going to really love our Doctor Who quiz questions and answers which have been put together with he biggest fans of the BBC’s biggest science fiction series in mind.

And although it is exciting times for Doctor Who fans right now with the shock regeneration of Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth into David Tennant’s Fourteenth, the promise of returning friends like Catherine Tate as Donna Noble and new stars like Neil Patrick Harris and Yasmin Finney in the 60th specials and the promise of Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson’s adventures in space and time in season 14 yet to come – let’s face it, there’s a lot of time for waiting around right now.

And so, what better way to keep yourself busy while you wait to find out what the Disney+ deal will mean for Doctor Who and what planets and aliens the Doctor will battle in 2023 than to do a bit of quizzing along the way.

We’ve compiled a quiz below for Doctor Who fans below that will start you on your quizzing journey, but if you like it, don’t forget to try out the other quizzes that we’ve linked from this page.

Can you score a hundred per cent in the quiz and take home bragging rights, or will you need to go back to the books and study your Doctor Who history a little bit more? Now is the time to find out as we start our Doctor Who adventures in space and time… and quizzing!

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Are you ready? Let’s quiz…

Doctor Who quiz questions

Question 1. In what year did Doctor Who first broadcast on the BBC in the UK? (bonus point for the exact date)

Question 2. Which actor played the Doctor in the 1996 film Doctor Who?

Question 3. Carol Ann Ford played the Doctor’s granddaughter in the first episode of Doctor Who, An Unearthly Child. What was the name of her character? (a point for the first name and a bonus point for the surname)

Question 4. Who composed the original Doctor Who theme music?

Question 5. Which actor took on the lead role in the show in 2010?

Question 6. The Dalek’s are the mutated remains of which people from the planet of Skaro?

Question 7. Who was the first actor to play The Master, first appearing on screen in 1971?

Question 8. Who plays the lead role in the 1960s films Dr. Who and the Daleks and Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D?

Question 9. In what year was Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald first introduced to the series as Oswin Oswald? (Bonus point for the episode title)

Question 10. In what year in the 1980s was Doctor Who cancelled?

Question 11. Which showrunner of Doctor Who also created the crime drama Broadchurch?

Question 12. What was the name of the 2016 spin-off of Doctor Who following the fortunes of a group of students at Coal Hill Academy?

Question 13. Which actor was the first to be nominated for a best actor BAFTA for their portrayal of the Doctor?

Question 14. Which actress, who would go on to feature in Westworld, plays Miss Evangelista in Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead?

Question 15. What does TARDIS stand for?

Question 16. What is the name of the Doctor Who spin-off that ran from 2007-2011?

Question 17. UNIT originally stood for the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, but it was announced in 2008 the meaning of UNIT had changed to what?

Question 18. Karen Gillan made her first appearance as Amy Pond in which episode?

Question 19. What was the name of the Eighth Doctor’s companion in the 1996 film?

Question 20. In what year did Billie Piper first appear as Rose Tyler?

Question 21: From which planet do Ice Warriors come?

Question 22: From which fictional council estate does Rose Tyler originate?

Question 23: Which comedian and actor starred as Craig Owens?

Question 24: The Doctor believed his home planet was destroyed by what?

Question 25: Who is believed to have knitted Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor scarf?

Question 26: Which incarnation of the Doctor played a recorder?

Question 27: How did Professor Lazarus die?

Question 28: Who plays Gwen in Torchwood?

Question 29: What was the name of the 20th anniversary special?

Question 30: Who did William Russell play in Doctor Who?

Doctor Who quiz answers

Answer 1. 23rd November 1963. (one point for 1963, a bonus point for 23rd November)

Answer 2. Paul McGann

Answer 3. Susan Foreman (a point for each name)

Answer 4. Ron Grainer

Answer 5. Matt Smith

Answer 6. Kaleds

Answer 7. Roger Delgado

Answer 8. Peter Cushing

Answer 9. 2012 (Asylum of the Daleks)

Answer 10. 1989

Answer 11. Chris Chibnall

Answer 12. Class

Answer 13. Matt Smith (2011)

Answer 14. Talulah Riley

Answer 15. Time And Relative Dimension In Space

Answer 16. The Sarah Jane Adventures

Answer 17. Unified Intelligence Taskforce

Answer 18. The Eleventh Hour

Answer 19. Grace Holloway

Answer 20. 2005

Answer 21: Mars

Answer 22: The Powell Estate

Answer 23: James Corden

Answer 24: The Time War

Answer 25: Madame Nostradamus

Answer 26: Patric Troughton (Second Doctor)

Answer 27: Fell from a bell tower

Answer 28: Eve Myles

Answer 29: The Five Doctors

Answer 30: Ian Chesterton

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