Doctor Who season 2 episodes ranked

David Tennant joined Doctor Who in 2005 after just one season of the rebooted era had been broadcast since Russell T Davies brought the show back.

Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor was replaced by Tennant, and the second season of the modern era was born with Billie Piper by Tennant’s side as his companion Rose.

A popular season, the second has many episodes that are considered classics by the fans, but as we await the 60th-anniversary specials of Doctor Who in November 2023 where we see David Tennant return as the Fourteenth Doctor and of course filming underway for season 14 starring Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson, now seems like a good time to look back at the first season of Tennant’s in the TARDIS.

We’ve taken a look at the overall rating for each episode on the IMDB which has been voted for by thousands of viewers across the globe and we’ve ranked the series (including the specials from the series) into this list.

But have the viewers got it right, are these episodes in the right order? Well, every true Whovian will have their own opinion…

14. Fear Her

Ranking 5.9

What is going on in London in 2012? Children are going missing and the Doctor and Rose need to get to the bottom of the mystery before more young people are lost. Is the answer to all their problems in what seems like an ordinary house where a child can make drawings that seem to come to life?

13. Love & Monsters

Ranking 6.2

Elton Pope is seemingly an ordinary man who is very interested in what the Doctor is up to. But when he and his fellow enthusiasts L.I.N.D.A. meet the mysterious Victor Kennedy they aren’t prepared for how things are about to spiral out of control extremely quickly.

Love & Monsters

12. The Idiot’s Lantern

Ranking: 6.7

We’re back in the 1950s in this episode as the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II is about to take place. But there is something amiss as people are going missing and there are dark secrets lurking in the shadows – and the televisions of the people of London, so it seems.

11. New Earth

Ranking 7.4

New Earth at the first glance seems to be an incredible place where hospitals can cure all known diseases. But what the Doctor and Rose find very quickly when they arrive is there is very much a cost to be cured of the diseases – and one that people will not want to pay…

10. Rise of the Cybermen

Ranking 7.7

The TARDIS crashes in London and Rose runs into her dad who is still alive. But there is about to be a rise of one of the Doctor’s oldest and most deadly enemies in the streets, and as more and more people are going missing it is clear that the Doctor and Rose are going to have to find a way to battle this deadly force.

Rise of the Cybermen

9. Tooth and Claw

Ranking 7.7

In this historical episode, Rose and the Doctor find themselves hanging out with Queen Victoria. However, if they don’t want history to take a very different turn from what we all know they must stop the Queen from being killed by werewolves and attempt to fend off the assassinating monks who seem keen to cause problems.

8. The Age of Steel

Ranking 7.8

The last thing anyone needs is for the Cybermen to take over London and enslave the population of the capital city, but that’s exactly what’s happening in this episode. The Doctor and his companion must go on the run as fugitives if they are to save the people of London and the world from the threat of the Cybermen’s most fiendish plans.

7. The Christmas Invasion

Ranking: 8.0

Nothing says Christmas like an invasion of the planet by an alien force that seems to be keen on destroying everything and everyone who gets in their way. On Christmas Eve the Doctor lies in a coma in Jackie’s house but he will need to find a way to wake up and stop the Sycorax from doing any more damage than they have already.

The Christmas Invasion

6. School Reunion

Ranking 8.2

The Krillitanes are trying to crack the God-Maker and they are using the children of Earth in their fiendish plan as a computer. This sounds like one for the Doctor and Rose to sort out with the welcome help of the excellent Sarah Jane and her robotic canine sidekick of K-9.

5. Army of Ghosts

Ranking 8.2

There’s a problem. Ghosts of loved ones are appearing all across the world and the Doctor needs to get to the bottom of the issue. He ends up at Torchwood Tower where he hopes that friends will be able to help him – but he doesn’t bargain on the enemies who are also there lying in wait to try to bring down this Time Lord.

4. The Impossible Planet

Ranking 8.7

It’s not every day that the Doctor and Rose get stuck on a planet orbiting a black hole, but this is the day that it happens. The pair find a human crew there who with their servants, the Ood, are being terrorised by the Devil. Something must be done to stop this fast.

The Impossible Planet

3. The Satan Pit

Ranking 8.7

Once again, this is a time for battles against one of the ultimate enemies. Rose and the crew are fighting for their lives against the deadly Legion of the Beast while the Doctor is off investigating. Soon he will be forced to make an unthinkable decision that could change everything forever…

2. Doomsday

Ranking 9.2

The Genesis Ark has been activated and the Earth has become an all-out battleground as both the Daleks and the Cybermen launch their attacks. It’s clear that the very existence of Earth and humanity is at stake and this will leave the Doctor having to contemplate unthinkable sacrifices to save the world.

1. The Girl in the Fireplace

Ranking 9.2

The Doctor, Rose and Mickey arrive on a 51st Century spaceship but are surprised to find 18th Century Versailles exists on board the vessel. In order to work out what’s going on the Doctor must enter Versailles and save Madame de Pompadour – but this isn’t going to be a simple mission an the stakes are as usual very high.

The Girl in the Fireplace