Doctor Who fans share their favourite spin-off ideas

It’s exciting times to be a Doctor Who fan.

Russell T Davies is back, David Tennant is back, a new Time Lord is about to start their tenure in the TARDIS in Ncuti Gatwa, and we have now met his new companion Ruby Tuesday who will be played by Millie Gibson. We’ve recently said goodbye to Chris Chibnall as showrunner and Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor in a sensational feature-length episode The Power of the Doctor that coincided with the BBC’s 100th birthday and saw the return of a number of classic Doctors and their companions to the screen. Indeed, the show even set a new World Record while they were at it thanks to the return of William Russell as Ian Chesterton.

But beyond all of this, and the excitement about the 60th-anniversary specials in November 2023, there is also the new deal between the BBC and Disney which sees Disney+ become the new home of Doctor Who outside of the UK and speaks of a “shared creative vision” for the science fiction show between the BBC and Disney.

Although no one knows much right now about the nature or reach of this new deal, there has been speculation that it could see more money injected into the show, with some reports suggesting it could see the per-episode budgets increase by three times. There has also been a suggestion that the new push to create more of a global franchise for Doctor Who might see new spin-offs for the series in the future.

Russell T Davies is of course no stranger to spinning-off the Doctor Who universe, having previously launched Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures while showrunner of Doctor Who during his first five-year tenure from 2005.

And although there is no guarantee that there will be new spin-offs in the future, we thought we’d collate some of the most popular spin-off ideas that Doctor Who fans have been sharing online.

Sarah Jane Adventures rebooted…

The original Sarah Jane Adventures ran for five series between 2007 and 2011, but ended after the sad death of its star Elisabeth Sladen in 2011. But fans believe that there is a way to bring it back rebooted.

Writing on Facebook Doctor Who fan page The Doctor Who Hub Danielle Donnelly said: “Luke carrying on Sarah Jane’s legacy. Loved that series growing up”

Siobhan Linehan wrote: “I really want a spin-off catching up with Luke, Clyde and Rani from The Sarah Jane Adventures. That show was SO good but didn’t get an ending because of Elizabeth’s passing.”

Ivan Silva said: “Perhaps Sarah Jane’s son taking over where she left off?”

Sharon Burn suggested: “The Sarah Jane Adventures kids at university.”

Catching up with the Eighth Doctor

Fans only got one TV movie with the Eight Doctor and a fleeting look in The Power of the Doctor this year on screen and many would like to see more adventures with Paul McGann’s Doctor…

Mandy Wright said she “Would love a spin-off series of Paul McGann. Eight Think he’d be excellent 👍

Simon Charlott also said he’s like “The Eighth Doctor Missing Adventures”

Marin Pollard suggested: “Something centred on the Eighth Doctor. He was royally robbed of the chance to show what he could do (apart from Big Finish audio productions), and the taste we got with “The Night of the Doctor” and “The Power of the Doctor” wasn’t nearly enough. Paul McGann has aged a bit, but that could easily be attributed to the stresses of dealing with the Time War.”

The Doctor’s daughter

There continues to be a lot of love for Jenny, and many fans would like to see more of her…

Layling Stanbury said she’d be interested in a show about: “Jenny the Doctor’s daughter, becoming the Jenny who’s married to Madame Vastra.”

Adding “Surely someone’s written that fanfic already.”

Usha Singh-Das wants to “Find out what Jenny (Doctor’s daughter from series 4) has been up to after her regeneration…”

Natalie Pfeiffer Kennedy would like to see a crossover: “A show about the adventures of Clara and Ashildr (Me). Maybe they run into Jennie (the Doctors Daughter)!”

Bryan Hewes said he “Would love to see what adventures the Dr’s Daughter got up to ( apart from her real life ones obviously !)”

River Song

River Song remains one of the most popular characters from the modern era of the show, and many would like to see more of her returning in a show focussed on the character…

João Victor Leite suggested a show with “River song, where the Eleven would casually show up from time to time. It’d be a way to complete their journal:

Cory Lewallen would like “Anything with River Song in it!”

And Linda Wright suggested “The adventures of River Song. She could visit her parents in New York and steal the TARDIS on occasion.”


UNIT has thrown up some amazing characters and adventures throughout the history of Doctor Who, and some fans would like to see a spin-off dedicated to the organisation…

Lynn Cranford said: “In the 70s they wanted to make a UNIT spin-off but didn’t have the budget, after the end of Power Of The Doctor the cast is set and with Disney coming into the game it’s possible we could see it.”

Julie Walker agrees and asks for “A spin off series of UNIT.”

Reuben Schembri said: “I think a show where Torchwood and UNIT have merged and that Paternoster Gang and Ashildr and Clara are agents. They could have episodes where Jack and Gwen and Kate Stewart work with either Clara and Ashildr or the Paternoster Gang to defeat some threat. You could also have specials and finales where they all team up and you can have other guests appear where a storyline allows.”

Chicks Hicks said: “I would love to see an origins of the Time Agents, maybe at one time they were part of UNIT. Also maybe have some of that Boot Strap Paradox and have Capn Jack be the founder that would hurt some heads.”

Clara and Me

A lot of people have said they’d like to see more of what happens to Clara and Ashildr (Me)…

Ginger Boyles said: “Clara and Me in the TARDIS diner 🙂 I think that series would be amazing. Clara could connect Me with her humanity again”

Devin Dumas said: “I’d like a Clara and Ashildr series where they ultimately end up on the run from Clara’s death, maybe even have Twelve or another Doctor come in to try to reason with Clara; further, maybe episodes where they pop-in on old Doctors to help them while trying to remain anonymous.”

Emily Westlake said : “Clara and Miss Me would be a great spin off – 2 immortals travelling the universe.”