New Doctor Who TARDIS is an “impossible, logic-defying set”

There’s lots to be excited about if you’re a Doctor Who fan right now.

Russell T Davies is back.

David Tennant is back.

A new Doctor is arriving soon in the shape of Ncuti Gatwa, and he’ll be joined by a new companion, Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson.

There’s a Disney deal that is bringing in bigger budgets and will unleash new ideas on the BBC sci-fi series. It’s the 60th anniversary year, and there’s talk of spin-off shows to come…

So let’s add to that with a hint of what we can expect from the Doctor’s TARDIS in 2023. And it sounds pretty epic.

Speaking about the top secret project of the TARDIS redesign, executive producer Joel Collins has given a few hints about what we might be going to see pretty soon indeed.

“We talked through various concepts with Russell, and there was one rough idea that was just too ambitious, and too impossible – but which everybody loved,” Collins told Doctor Who Magazine.

He added: “Once I’d put it in front of Russell, he’s just too visually bright to unsee it. I’d go, ‘Yes, yes, but it’s completely mad, it’s never going to happen.’ Then we started to say, ‘Okay, how do we make this impossible space possible?’

Concluding: “So [production designer] Phil [Sims] brought in a brilliant engineer, who spent months trying to solve the engineering riddle of this impossible, logic-defying set, which no one in their right mind should ever have even drawn in the first place. But that kind of sums up the show…”

Now, that sound exciting!

Doctor Who will return in November with three-anniversary specials starring David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor before a festive special starring Ncuti Gatwa. Season 14 of Doctor Who will kick off in 2024 and will be the first full series as part of the deal between the BBC and Disney to make Disney+ the global streaming home of Doctor Who.