What Doctor Who character are you based on your star sign?

It’s the question that all Doctor Who fans are asking themselves, what Doctor Who character are you based on your star sign of the zodiac…

Well, OK, maybe not everyone, but it’s a bit of fun.

We’ve looked through the horoscopes and tried to match the characteristics of many of the most famous incarnations of the Doctor, their companions and the even at least one enemy and tried to work out which one seems the most similar to the star sign attributes.

Although this is not science (or art) perhaps it’ll keep you busy for a few moments while we wait for the 60th-anniversary specials in 2023 with David Tennant and the first episodes of season 14 of Doctor Who with Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson!

Let us begin…


Amy Pond

An Aries is born between March 21st and April 19th

An Aries is a confident and passionate leader who is unafraid to build new relationships and communities, and if necessary will run headlong into a situation in order to get things done, even if that means navigating danger. They are determined and have a good personality that allows them to get on with others and influence situations. Brimming with confidence in her own abilities, but with a compassionate side, Amy Pond certainly fits the bill.

Amy Pond in Doctor Who


The Third Doctor

A Taurus is born between April 20th and May 20th

Generally speaking, the Taurus is down-to-earth and practical. They are tenacious and reliable and loyal – but they can also be very stubborn when they want to be and don’t always welcome people who bring trouble to their door unduly. Grounded by achieving things whenever they can, the Taurus is a logical problem solver, and just like the tinkering Third Doctor, they often seem to be able to solve issues quickly and efficiently whilst others around them are still thinking.


Rose Tyler

A Gemini is born between May 21st June 20th

Gemini is the sign of the twin, indicating that there are two sides to your character and you are able to deal with social situations well. The Gemini is good in new situations with many different people from different backgrounds and although they are very social and loyal, they also are keen to get some time alone where they can recharge and contemplate. Rose Tyler who travelled with both the Ninth and the Tenth shows signs of Gemini’s personality traits through her interactions with he Doctor and the many people she meets.

Rose Tyler in Doctor Who


The Fourth Doctor

A Cancer is born between June 21st and July 22nd

The Cancer sign often throws up people who are a little misunderstood at the first meeting. Although they may appear at times to be a little spiky, like the Fourth Doctor, they are deep down often a very kind and thoughtful person who just likes to operate on a more one-to-one level with those around them. Just like the Fourth, those who are the sign of Cancer have a great deal of ingenuity and creativity, but sometimes it takes getting to know them a bit to fully understand their brilliance.


The Tenth Doctor

A Leo is born between July 23rd and August 22nd

Leo is the sign of the lion, a proud and confident animal that appears to be in control of everything that surrounds it. Leo often has a very memorable personality and can have a great influence on the people that they meet. They can be leaders and be very personable, and while they are able to deal with problems quickly and efficiently when they need to, they still have time for some humour along the way. Sound like anyone we know?

Tenth Doctor


Yas Khan

A Virgo is born between August 23rd September 22nd

A Virgo is someone who very often has very deep thought and is not in hurry to shout out the right idea, even if they know it. Someone with poise and calm, a Virgo can often be misconceived as being shy, when really all they are doing is being thoughtful. The Virgo is loyal and always looking to expand their mind and through their search for intellectual growth they are also looking to maintain order in all the things around themselves.


The Fifth Doctor

A Libra is born between September 23rd October 22nd

Libra’s can often be reflective and doesn’t want to get themselves into any unnecessary confrontation, and just like the Fifth Doctor sometimes prefer to be a peacemaker than someone trying to change the world (or the universe). The Libra is someone with an open-mind and is popular in their circle of friends, which is often expansive and welcoming.

Fifth Doctor


River Song

A Scorpio is born between October 23rd November 21st

Named after a creature with a sting in its tail, the Scorpio is often someone who can be seen as having a real edge to their character. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but the strong-minded Scorpio will get things done when they need to and won’t settle for too much nonsense along the way. Filled with wit and wisdom like our River Song, the Scorpio may have a softer centre than the initial outer shell suggests.


The Sixth Doctor

A Sagittarius is born between November 22nd and December 21st

A born leader and someone who enjoys going off the beaten track to find new adventures and problems to solve. The Sagittarius is a born leader and at times is not afraid to tell people about this. Although some may see the traits as being signs of arrogance, there is a depth to these leadership skills that will endear those who are close to this person. Yes, you are the Sixth Doctor.

Sixth Doctor


The Master

A Capricorn is born between December 22nd and January 19th

The Capricorn can have a very high sense of self, which if not controlled could lead to arrogance. The Capricorn also has incredibly high standards and these exacting standards can lead to frustration if those around them don’t get things done efficiently or to the right level. The Master appears to have many of these traits and whereas most Capricorns use these qualities to channel good, it is clear that he uses them for the opposite effect.


The Ninth Doctor

An Aquarius is born between January 20th and February 18th

The Aquarius can often appear to be a natural introvert, but at the heart of their personality is a huge amount of intelligence and the ability to quietly and calmly solve the issues of the day. Deeply intuitive, just like the Ninth Doctor, an Aquarius is able to see light in the darkness – and when things appear to be at the very lowest ebb, you will want an Aquarius by your side to help cheer things up.

Ninth Doctor


Rory Williams

A Pisces is born between February 19th and March

The Pisces is defined by their empathetic qualities, and if there was ever a gentle and empathetic character it would be Rory Williams. The gentle and kind side of the character of the Pisces is definitely one of the superpowers that they carry in their arsenal – and although they must be careful not to allow this good nature to be exploited by others, they are always people you want to spend time with.

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