Mysterious Doctor Who “Doom’s Day” teaser appears

As if there isn’t enough excitement in the Whoniverse right now with 60th anniversaries and new Doctors, Doctor Who fans have been wondering what a mysterious and cryptic “Doom’s Day” tweet that appeared on the official Doctor Who account on Sunday morning means.

“Tomorrow. Doom’s Day is coming…” the tweet reads, followed by a video of a clock and the hashtag #DoctorWho.

The tweet (below) is accompanied by a video which has a small amount of music in the background and shows a clock’s hands moving from just before 6 o’clock and finishing on eleven o’clock.

There is no further information!

But why did the clock stop on Eleven? Is this some sort of clue about something to do with Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor? Or is it just a coincidence?

Twitter is alive with speculation right now.

Of course, Whovians will be aware of another Doomsday (spelt differently), the emotional goodbye between David Tennant’s Doctor and companion Rose played by Billie Piper. But the spelling is different. Could that be to throw us off the scent?

Although some fans are speculating that this may be something to do with an audio release, others believe that an audio story would get so much hype.

The reality is, we just don’t know right now – but with the 60th anniversary specials starring David Tennant coming in November, could it be an announcement connected to those?

Or could we be about to finally get the confirmation of a spin-off, which has been speculated about for some months since the Disney deal with the BBC was announced?

Or.. .could this be to do with the upcoming season 14 which will see Ncuti Gatwa take on the role of the Fifteenth Doctor with former Coronation Street Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday by his side?

Maybe it’s something completely unexpected!

Looks like we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out… happy guessing!