Ncuti Gatwa on watching Millie Gibson casting: “That is the companion”

Ncuti Gatwa knew from the moment he saw his co-star audition for the part of his companion Ruby Sunday in Doctor Who that she would be right for the role, the actor has explained.

Gibson, who is best known to many for her role in ITV soap Coronation Street, will join Doctor Who over the festive period of 2023 before travelling regularly with Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor for the 14th series of the show in 2024.

“As soon as you left the room for your audition, I was like, Russell, that is the companion,” Gatwa told Gibson in a video interview released by the BBC.

He added: “The companion – just magic, magic. You were magic – you’re gonna be magic!”

In the same interview, Gibson is asked by Gatwa what she believes makes the Doctor’s companion such a good role.

“Well, they are the eyes into your world. And they are the audience’s eyes to see what will happen in your universe. And I think throughout time you realise the Doctor needs the companion just as the companion needs the Doctor.”

Wise words indeed.

But what are her earliest memories of Doctor Who?

“I was brought up on the Tennant and Matt Smith era, it was a cross between them two,” explained Millie.

Added the new Doctor Who star: “So I always remember Amy Pond, and that sort of era. It was always something me and my Dad watched, and I always remember thinking there’s nothing like this programme. And there still isn’t.”

Fans will have to wait quite a while before the pair are in action together in the TARDIS, but before that there are the exciting 60th-anniversary specials starring David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor to look forward to, which promise to be some of the best TV shows of 2023.

It seems certain that there are many more surprises in store for fans ahead of these shows as Russell T Davies clearly has big plans for the show now he has returned and the BBC has inked a new deal with Disney+ to partner on the show in the future.

2023 will also see a big new audio drama with seven former Doctors uniting for an epic show.