Millie Gibson reveals where she wants to travel as Ruby Sunday

We now know that former Coronation Street star Millie Gibson is to travel in space and time as Ruby Sunday with Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor in the BBC’s sci-fi series Doctor Who.

The 18-year-old actor, who is best known to UK soap audiences for playing Kelly Neelan on ITV’s Corrie was unveiled as Ncuti Gatwa’s companion on a live Children in Need broadcast on BBC One on Friday evening. She will join Ncuti in his first adventure around the festive period of 2023 and will be his companion in his first full series in charge of the TARDIS in 2024.

But now we know who she is, where does Millie want to travel in the TARDIS?

“Well, the first one was I really wanted to do was the witches era, but Jodie Whittaker did that… stole my idea!” explained Gibson in an interview with her co-star Ncuti Gatwa released by the BBC.

She added: “But I would love to take it to ancient Egypt, you know the pyramids, do a bit of Cleopatra. Have a moment!”

When asked the same question recently, Ncuti Gatwa said “I would take my TARDIS to Africa, I would take my TARDIS to Nigeria” in a video made to promote the announcement that Disney+ will be streaming Doctor Who from 2023.

He added: “I would love for the Doctor to meet the Orisha, which were a set of gods in Nigerian mythology – and I think he’d have a lovely old time.”

Gatwa and Gibson will be the main stars of Doctor Who from the festive period of 2023, but before that there will be three 60th-anniversary specials broadcast in November 2023 by the BBC in the UK and streamed on Disney+ globally.

The one-hour-long shows will feature David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor and will see the return of Catherine Tate as Donna Noble fighting a character played by Neil Patrick Harris.

The episodes are understood to be written by the showrunner, Russell T Davies and are expected to feature other special guests and returning stars.