Good Omens 2 with David Tennant and Michael Sheen release date confirmed

Good Omens season two has been confirmed for a summer 2023 release by Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service.

The show which stars David Tennant as the devil Crowley and Michael Sheen as the angel Aziraphale is written by celebrated fantasy author Neil Gaiman and based on the novel of the same name from the 1990s that he co-wrote with the late great Terry Pratchett.

Season one of the show was received with critical and popular acclaim, dropping on Prime Video on May 31st 2019. The series was broadcast in the UK on BBC Two weekly from January 15th to February 19th 2020. It is understood the second season of Good Omens will also be released first on Prime Video with a terrestrial broadcast at an as-yet undefined future date.

During a recent New York Comic Con panel it was revealed by Amazon that the next season will contain “storylines that go beyond the original source material to illuminate the uncanny friendship between Aziraphale, a fussy angel and rare book dealer, and the fast-living demon Crowley”

It has been a long wait for those excited to see the second season of the show, with both a pandemic and busy schedules between the first season and this second season in the summer of 2023.

Neil Gaiman also took to Twitter this year to say that the production had a lot of SFX which also takes time.

There was a brief reunion of David Tennant and Michael Sheen earlier this year when the pair appeared as voices in a bonus episode of The Sandman, alongside Georgia Tennant and others.

David Tennant will also be back on our screens in 2023 as the Doctor as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the long-running science fiction show from the BBC. Tennant will be reprising his role as the Doctor alongside Catherine Tate who is returning to the series as Donna Noble.

Tennant is most recently on screen as the star of Steven Moffat’s new drama, Inside Man where he plays a vicar opposite Stanley Tucci who plays a convicted killer.