Happy Valley season 3 episode 5 sneak-peek photos show Tommy Lee Royce free

After the dramatic finale of season three episode four of Happy Valley which saw Tommy Lee Royce escape from the courtroom in Leeds, Happy Valley fans were left on one of the biggest cliffhangers in the history of the show last week.

Has Tommy Lee Royce (played by James Norton) really gotten away from the authorities on a bike – where has he gone and what will he do next?

But now we have some sneak-peek photos of Happy Valley season three episode five that shed a little more light on some of those questions and deepen the intrigue about what we might see in the next instalment of Sally Wainwright’s brilliant BBC show starring Sarah Lancashire.

And from what we can see, Tommy Lee Royce has managed to get a fair way away from the Leeds courtroom disguised a cycle courier, as we see him here out in the hills of Yorkshire breathing in the fresh air and celebrating his freedom.

Tommy Lee Royce (JAMES NORTON) – Lookout Point,Matt Squire

And it appears that Royce isn’t going to set up camp on a mountain but is going to find somewhere to stay while he remains on the run…

Here we see a series of pictures of Royce in what appears to be some sort of accommodation and a landlord-like figure hanging around in the background.

Tommy Lee Royce (JAMES NORTON) & Surroje (MATTHEW ZAJAC) – Lookout Point,Matt Squire

In this photograph it looks like he’s asking about a phone, or perhaps he’s warning the man not to answer the phone if anyone comes ringing for a missing man?

Tommy Lee Royce (JAMES NORTON) & Surroje (MATTHEW ZAJAC),Lookout Point,Matt Squire

We then see Tommy heading upstairs to his room in the house with a four-pack of beer and some rolling tobacco as it appears he is going to settle in for at least one night there.

Happy Valley S3,29-01-2023,5,Tommy Lee Royce (JAMES NORTON) Lookout Point,Matt Squire
Tommy Lee Royce (JAMES NORTON)Lookout Point,Matt Squire

In this other photo, we again see Royce drinking – but this time in what looks like the back of a van. Is he on his way to find Ryan and Catherine? Or has he got another plan in mind?

Tommy Lee Royce (JAMES NORTON),Lookout Point,Matt Squire

Meanwhile it’s sure that Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) is going to be frantic as she worries about Royce coming for her and Ryan, and we get a few glimpses of her too in this penultimate episode of the series.

Andy Shepherd (VINCENT FRANKLIN) & Catherine Cawood (SARAH LANCASHIRE) Lookout Point,Matt Squire
HaGorkem (METE DURSUN) & Catherine Cawood (SARAH LANCASHIRE) ,Lookout Point,Matt Squire

It’s clear that things are about to reach a very tense and exciting conclusion in Happy Valley as the brilliant series comes to an end in just a few weeks.

But what will happen?

Well, that remains to be seen…