Happy Valley season 3 episode 4 first look pics reveal Tommy’s haircut

Tommy Lee Royce is about to have (another) day in court in BBC drama Happy Valley on Sunday night, and he is about to make a physical transformation before he arrives to face the music, it would appear.

The BBC has released some sneak peek first-look images of episode four of the third and final season of Sally Wainwright’s Happy Valley, and Tommy’s prison haircut looks like it could be a significant moment in the show.

Until now in season three of the crime drama, we’ve seen Tommy Lee Royce with long hair and a beard accompanying the scar on his face – however, that’s all about to change it appears as he is seen smirking to himself as the hair is shaved off in what appears to be his prison cell in Sheffield.

In the previous episode, we saw Tommy (played by James Norton) meeting his son in prison and talking about how they should do a bungee jump together when he gets out. Although up until now we were under the impression that he was in jail for life, perhaps this change of look could be a clue that perhaps he has a plan to change his fortunes at this court appearance as well as change his look.

In other pictures released ahead of episode 4 which will air on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday 22nd January in the UK, we see for the first time the criminals the Knezevics who have been mentioned a lot in the series and are apparently responsible for a great deal of the crime going on across West Yorkshire.

The Knezevics

We also catch a glimpse of the fallout that is happening after the shock attack of Joanna (Mollie Winnard) by Faisal (Amit Shah) at the end of the last episode. We aren’t at this stage clear if she is dead or what happens next, but from the looks of the photos Joanna’s husband Rob (Mark Stanley) is looking for answers – and perhaps is in the frame himself for what happens to Joanna as there’s a policeman visiting the house…

Faisal Bhatti (AMIT SHAH) & Rob Hepworth (MARK STANLEY)

We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out what happens next in this brilliant series, but there’s plenty of exciting speculation to be had from looking at the pictures.

Happy Valley continues on Sunday night at 9pm on BBC One in the UK