Which Harry Potter Hogwarts house should you be in? Quiz

Dive into the magical realm of Harry Potter, a world filled with witches, wizards, mythical creatures, and powerful spells. Created by J.K. Rowling, this enchanting universe has captivated readers and viewers worldwide, inspiring a sense of wonder and sparking countless imaginations.

The movie series was a smash hit starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint as well as some of the most famous faces from British TV and cinema. And there are more adventures being made in the TV world soon over on HBO Max in the US… so there’s lots of excitement in the world of Potter right now.

At the heart of this world is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, a place where young witches and wizards learn their craft. The school is divided into four houses, each representing a set of core values and traits: Gryffindor, known for courage and bravery; Hufflepuff, celebrated for loyalty and patience; Ravenclaw, famous for intelligence and creativity; and Slytherin, admired for ambition and cunning.

Have you ever wondered which Hogwarts house you would be sorted into if you received your letter from Hogwarts? While we can’t offer you an actual Sorting Hat, we’ve got the next best thing – a quiz crafted to help you discover your wizarding world identity.

This magic quiz (it’s not really magic) will take you on a journey through your own character traits, preferences, and values, connecting them to the essence of each Hogwarts house. Remember, there’s no right or wrong house – each is filled with its own kind of magic and potential for greatness.

So, prepare to embark on this fascinating exploration of self and fantasy. Answer each question truthfully, let your intuition guide you, and the result might just surprise you. Ready? It’s time to find your place in the magical world of Harry Potter. Let’s get started!

Which Harry Potter Hogwarts house should you be in?


Answer the questions below and try to remember which letters you got…

  1. Which quality do you value most?
    • A. Courage
    • B. Loyalty
    • C. Intelligence
    • D. Ambition
  2. Which of the following would be your preferred pet?
    • A. Lion
    • B. Badger
    • C. Eagle
    • D. Serpent
  3. Which magical subject interests you the most?
    • A. Defence Against the Dark Arts
    • B. Herbology
    • C. Ancient Runes
    • D. Potions
  4. Which of these magical artefacts would you choose?
    • A. Sword
    • B. Cloak
    • C. Diadem
    • D. Locket
  1. In a crisis, you would…
    • A. Charge headfirst into action
    • B. Stand by your friends no matter what
    • C. Analyse the situation and find a clever solution
    • D. Seize the opportunity to get ahead
  2. What would you see when faced with a Boggart?
    • A. Fear itself
    • B. Isolation
    • C. Ignorance
    • D. Failure
  3. If you found a mysterious, magical book, you would…
    • A. Boldly read it out loud
    • B. Take it to a trusted friend to explore together
    • C. Study it carefully and thoroughly
    • D. Use it to gain power
  4. Which founder of Hogwarts do you admire the most?
    • A. Godric Gryffindor
    • B. Helga Hufflepuff
    • C. Rowena Ravenclaw
    • D. Salazar Slytherin
  5. How would you like to be remembered?
    • A. As brave and daring
    • B. As kind and caring
    • C. As wise and creative
    • D. As strong and ambitious


OK, here’s the results – if you chose mostly:

  • ‘A’ answers: The Sorting Hat places you in Gryffindor! Bravery and chivalry are your leading traits.
  • ‘B’ answers: You’re in Hufflepuff! Your loyalty and kindness stand out above all.
  • ‘C’ answers: You belong in Ravenclaw! Your wisdom and creativity guide your actions.
  • ‘D’ answers: Welcome to Slytherin! Ambition and resourcefulness are your hallmarks.

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