Can you match the horror movie to the decade it was released? Quiz

Horror films can be fantastic. A way to scare us from the safety of the cinema or a seat in our own front room. They have for this reason always been at the very heart of the history of cinema with some of the earliest films from Hollywood and beyond to take on the genre and make some brilliant stories.

They make us hide behind our hands, jump out of our seats, and sometimes even laugh out loud at the absurdity of our own fears. But there’s no denying the captivating power of horror movies. They draw us in with their dark atmospheres, menacing villains, and heart-stopping twists. And that is why we love them and today will celebrate the horror genre with a fiendish quiz that will test your memory around cinema from the last decades.

Over the last century, the horror genre has evolved dramatically. It has moved from classic Universal monsters to Hitchcockian psychological thrillers, to the gore-fest of the 80s, and the found footage trend of the 2000s. Despite this constant evolution, or perhaps because of it, horror movies continue to draw audiences in droves. This isn’t a trend that’s slowing down, so they’re certainly doing something right!

But can you remember when these classic and modern horror films first had audiences screaming in the aisles? Are you ready to dive into this chilling quiz and match these unforgettable horror films to the decade they were released? Here’s your chance to test your horror movie knowledge.

The quiz is simple and the task seems like a fairly easy one of you you’re a movie buff – but there’s only one way to see if you can get 100 per cent and escape the monsters…

It’s time to start playing the quiz.

Can you match the horror movie to the decade it was released?


In which year was the following movie released? A bonus point for the exact year! Good luck..

  1. Halloween
  2. A Quiet Place
  3. Psycho
  4. The Exorcist
  5. Saw
  6. Jaws
  7. The Ring
  8. The Shining
  9. Scream
  10. Paranormal Activity
  11. Get Out
  12. The Blair Witch Project
  13. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  14. Friday the 13th
  15. Nightmare on Elm Street
  16. The Conjuring
  17. It
  18. Poltergeist
  19. The Babadook
  20. Rosemary’s Baby


  1. Halloween – 1970s (1978)
  2. A Quiet Place – 2010s (2018)
  3. Psycho – 1960s (1960)
  4. The Exorcist – 1970s (1973)
  5. Saw – 2000s (2004)
  6. Jaws – 1970s (1975)
  7. The Ring – 2000s (2002)
  8. The Shining – 1980s (1980)
  9. Scream – 1990s (1996)
  10. Paranormal Activity – 2000s (2007)
  11. Get Out – 2010s (2017)
  12. The Blair Witch Project – 1990s (1999)
  13. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – 1970s (1974)
  14. Friday the 13th – 1980s (1980)
  15. Nightmare on Elm Street – 1980s (1984)
  16. The Conjuring – 2010s (2013)
  17. It – 2010s (2017)
  18. Poltergeist – 1980s (1982)
  19. The Babadook – 2010s (2014)
  20. Rosemary’s Baby – 1960s (1968)

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