Billie Piper gives her thoughts on a potential I Hate Suzie season 3

I Hate Suzie is back for an anti-Christmas special which will see Billie Piper’s Suzie Pickles return to our screens – and in I Hate Suzie Too the former child star is dancing!

In the second season of the show, which Piper co-created with Lucy Prebble, Suzie is starting out without a job and is living apart from her son Frank after the breakup of her marriage with her husband Cob. Now living in her sister Archie’s box room, Suzie finds herself with new agents and saying yes to something she wasn’t expecting – to take part in the popular festive entertainment TV show Dance Crazee Xmas.

An accomplished dancer, Suzie sees this as an opportunity to restore her reputation and hopefully get her career back on track. But with lots going on around her both on and off the screen, it’s never going to be a simple journey for Suzie.

But one question many fans of the series will be asking themselves (beyond can Suzie bring home the Dance Crazee trophy) is will there be more of this brilliant award-winning show in the future? Could I Hate Suzie Three be coming to a TV near us in 2023 or beyond?

Sadly, it seems that this seems fairly unlikely as things stand.

Piper, who many science fiction fans will know as Rose Tyler from Doctor Who, has not discounted the idea forever but doesn’t it’ll be happening anytime soon.

“I don’t think there’ll be a final chapter any time soon” she said.

Adding: “Never say never – this is it for now, but we’ll see. Maybe something will come up in two or three years’ time that we’ll think might work. It’s like when you have a kid and they’re four months old, and someone asks if you’re going to have another kid. How could I possibly have another kid? That’s how this show feels to me.”

The three-part I Hate Suzie Too series will be available in the UK on Sky Atlantic and NOW from December 20th