Billie Piper stars in I Hate Suzie Too trailer

Sky has released the first trailer for Billie Piper’s upcoming I Hate Suzie Too.

The comedy-drama is the second season of the former Doctor Who star’s critically acclaimed and BAFTA-nominated show that follows the fortunes of a former child star called Suzie Pickles as her personal and professional life is rocked by leaked images emerging online.

The official synopsis for the second run of the show reads: “The series sees the return of child star turned actress Suzie Pickles, (Billie Piper). Suzie has a new agent, new PR and a new job – dancing for likes on ‘Dance Crazee’, a reality TV competition that has the audience hooked. Having lost everyone that matters to her, Suzie returns to her first love – the public.”

“In this three-part anti-Christmas, Christmas special, Suzie fights to regain the love of the British public whilst her personal life spirals out of control. Will she win their hearts / votes? And restore her reputation? And at what cost?”

In the trailer we see Suzie taking on a celebrity dance competition that looks suspiciously like Strictly Come Dancing. As we might expect, it doesn’t look like Suzie is dealing with it very well, so it will remain to be seen if this is the relaunch of her career that she desires, or another setback for Suzie.

Billie Piper in I Hate Suzie Too

Billie Piper is of course best known to many TV fans as playing Rose Tyler in Doctor Who opposite both Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth and David Tennant’s Tenth. With the 60th anniversary specials of the show happening in 2023 before season 14, there has been some speculation that Piper may return to the show for another guest appearance as she made in the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor. However, at the moment, this is just speculation – but with Russell T Davies back at the helm of the show, many fans hope we’ll see Rose again in some form.

I Hate Suzie Too is released on Sky and NOW in the UK on the 20th December 2022.