Is it Cake? review – Netflix challenge format keeps you asking is it real or is it fake?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Not all television can be designed to make you think too hard, sometimes you just want to sit down ad relax after a hard day at work / school / sitting down watching cerebral television and have some silly fun. Well, if that first sentence is talking to you, we think you’re going to love Is it Cake? on Netflix.

The idea of guessing whether or not an item on a screen is cake or not isn’t completely new – indeed this internet meme has been doing the rounds for a year or so now, but it’s about time TV caught up with the social media trends and started turning them into TV shows, right?!

As you will find from watching the review (below) and watching the show (which hopefully you’ll be inspired to do by watching the review!) this is a show that has a very simple premise. Cake artists (yes, who knew that was a thing) can win money by disguising cakes as other things. Yep, it’s that simple. Make a cake look like a burger or a bowling ball and trick the celebrity panel into thinking it’s not a cake and you could be rolling in dough… oh, that’s bread.

So, if you love silliness (host Mikey Day makes sure there’s plenty of that), art and cake – this is the show for you.

How can I watch Is it Cake?

Thanks for asking. The whole first season of Is it Cake is available to watch wherever you are on Netflix right now.


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