Is Jemma Coleman in the TV show or movie? Quiz

If you’re a fan of the world of film and television – you are definitely in the right place! We invite you to join us on a thrilling adventure exploring the extensive career of one of Britain’s finest young acting talents, Jenna Coleman. A firm favourite on both domestic and international screens, Coleman has been making some great shows and movies across genres for many years.

With her breakthrough role as Jasmine Thomas on the British soap opera “Emmerdale,” Coleman quickly stole the hearts of viewers and got seriously noticed in the world of telly. Since then, she has captured the attention of global audiences with her brilliant performance as Clara Oswald in “Doctor Who” opposite first Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor and later Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth.

But just how well-versed are you in Jenna Coleman’s filmography? I mean, we have helped you a bit with this intro, so you should score a couple of points in this quiz whatever happens – but it’s not as easy s you might think to ace it and get 100 per cent.

Can you sift through the myriad of film and television titles to pick out the ones that feature her sparkling performances? It’s time to put your knowledge to the test with our meticulously curated quiz (yes, we are fans of our own work!). We’ve assembled a list of 20 titles for you. Your task is to figure out which of them star Jenna Coleman… and which don’t!

So, ready your wit, brace your memory, and set off on an entertaining journey through Jenna Coleman’s illustrious career.

On your marks, get set…quiz!

Is Jemma Coleman in the TV show or movie?


Did Jenna Coleman appear in the following TV shows and movies? A bonus point if you can name the character…

  1. “Emmerdale”
  2. “Doctor Who”
  3. “Victoria”
  4. “The Cry”
  5. “Death Comes to Pemberley”
  6. “Black Mirror”
  7. “The Bill”
  8. “Captain America: The First Avenger”
  9. “Room at the Top”
  10. “Titanic”
  11. “Trainspotting”
  12. “The Windsors”
  13. “Me Before You”
  14. “Waterloo Road”
  15. The Crown
  16. “Inside No. 9”
  17. “Sherlock”
  18. “Dancing on the Edge”
  19. “Thunderbirds Are Go”
  20. “The Serpent”


  1. “Emmerdale” – Yes (2005-2009, as Jasmine Thomas)
  2. “Doctor Who” – Yes (2012-2015, as Clara Oswald)
  3. “Victoria” – Yes (2016-2019, as Queen Victoria)
  4. “The Cry” – Yes (2018, as Joanna Lindsay)
  5. “Death Comes to Pemberley” – Yes (2013, as Lydia Wickham)
  6. “Black Mirror” – No
  7. “The Bill” – No
  8. “Captain America: The First Avenger” – Yes (2011, as Connie)
  9. “Room at the Top” – Yes (2012, as Susan Brown)
  10. “Titanic” – Yes (2012, as Annie Desmond)
  11. “Trainspotting” – No
  12. “The Windsors” – No
  13. “Me Before You” – Yes (2016, as Katrina Clark)
  14. “Waterloo Road” – Yes (2009, as Lindsay James)
  15. “The Crown” – No
  16. “Inside No. 9” – Yes (2020, as Beattie in “Death Be Not Proud”)
  17. “Sherlock” – No
  18. “Dancing on the Edge” – Yes (2013, as Rosie Williams)
  19. “Thunderbirds Are Go” – Yes (Voice of Baines in season 2 opener Earthbreaker)
  20. “The Serpent” – Yes (2021, as Marie Andree Leclerc)

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