Jodie Whittaker’s final episode “starts at 100 miles per hour and it doesn’t let up”

We are now just days away from The Power of the Doctor, the final episode of the Jodie Whittaker era, but also the last episode with Chris Chibnall as showrunner.

But what can we expect from this 90-minute special which will coincide with the 100th birthday of the BBC? We know from the trailer and the vast array of images that the BBC has now released that there will be monsters and baddies galore, and many of the Doctor’s old friends on standby to try to help her. We also see volcanoes (I know) and what appears to be the beginning of the regeneration scene for Jodie Whittaker as she prepares to say goodbye to the show and make way for the Fourteenth Doctor Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa.

Speaking about the final episode, Chris Chibnall has said it’s one he thinks is going to please the fans and has a great many Easter eggs that will get people talking and make them want to watch it again.

“There are so many Easter eggs in there for people who have been watching the show over the years. There are things for really, really hardcore fans, and even the more casual viewers. There’s lots to get your teeth into.” Chibnall told

He added: “‘It’s a huge, epic, fast roller coaster ride of an episode,”

“It’s probably the biggest episode of Doctor Who we’ve yet made.”

As we know it has the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Master and Ace (Sophie Aldred) and Tegan (Janet Fielding) returning.

Chibnall explains that the episode will “the Master as you’ve never seen him before in Doctor Who. It goes all across time and space, it’s connecting the past, present, and future of Doctor Who, it’s very exciting, it’s funny, and there will be tears at the end of the 13th Doctor.”

But what will the pace be like? Well, it sounds like Whovians are going to have to buckle up and prepare for a pretty wild ride when The Power of the Doctor airs.

“It was a great way to go out because it’s such fun and it starts at 100 miles per hour and it doesn’t let up for the whole 90 minutes,”

The Power of the Doctor will be followed by 60th-anniversary special episodes of Doctor Who in 2023 which will see the return of Russell T Davies as showrunner of Doctor Who as well as the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate to the show.

The Power of the Doctor will air on BBC One at 7.30pm on Sunday 23rd October in the UK. US broadcast times can be found here.