Jodie Whittaker on her TARDIS mementoes

It’s quite traditional for actors to take home souvenirs of shows at the end of filming, especially when they’ve been the star of a long-running series like Doctor Who as Jodie Whittaker has been since 2017. And so no one was surprised when the outgoing Doctor Who Doctor, who will be replaced soon by Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa, what she took home after the filming for The Power of the Doctor, her final episode which will air on Sunday 23rd October.

Speaking at a screening of the episode (via Den of Geek), which coincides with the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the BBC, Whittaker admitted that she may have got a little carried away and a little earlier than the crew were expecting when their final shots were done.

“So when me and Mandip wrapped on the TARDIS, we heard ‘That’s a wrap on the TARDIS’ so we went all out!” told the audience at the screening event in London.

“We were yanking stuff off. When the TARDIS flies, there’s a mini TARDIS that spins that has a light inside – I snapped it off. I also took the [spoiler] but I actually stole the one from season 12 so they were probably panicking when they needed it for that episode because I’d got it! So they obviously had to make another one because I’d stolen that.”

However, there was a twist in the story, because it turns out that while the filming may have finished for Jodie and Mandip, there was actually still a need for the set for further shots in the show that they had not been aware of.

She added: “But then, it wasn’t a wrap on the TARDIS, it was a wrap on us on the TARDIS – they were going in for pick-ups and we were like ‘Errr, awkward!’ You’ll have to shoot around that.'”

The outgoing Doctor Who lead said that she had also been presented with her costume for the show as a memento, as well as her sonic screwdriver.

All in all, it sounds like a good haul!

The Power of the Doctor will be the last episode for Jodie Whittaker in her regular role as the Doctor, although she recently admitted that she’d be happy to come back to the series as a guest if showrunner Russell T Davies sends an invite.

After The Power of the Doctor, the show will return in 2023 for several 60th-anniversary specials which will incorporate the much-anticipated return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate to the series. This will be followed by season 14 of Doctor Who in 2024.