Mandip Gill: “If they need another companion in the future…”

The Power of the Doctor was a huge celebration of all things Doctor Who from the last 59 years of the BBC series, with returning Doctors, old companions from the classic era and of course the huge twist that saw Jodie Whittaker regenerate into David Tennant, rather than Ncuti Gatwa as some expected.

However, amongst all this excitement, it’s worth remembering that for some characters and the actors who played them, this was their last episode in the series. Of course for Jodie Whittaker, whose time at the helm of the TARDIS was up, but also for companion Yas, who is played by Mandip Gill.

And, just as Jodie Whittaker has spoken openly about how much she loved being part of the show, and she would consider a return at some point in the future, Gill has also been keen to make sure the door stays open for a Who return one day.

Speaking to press at the screening of The Power of the Doctor, Gill explained that working on the BBC science fiction show had been a really positive experience.

“How many times do you go to work with your best friends? It’s been amazing. The crew! [We] really were in the best hands. Every few weeks I got new best friends,” reports Digital Spy.  

“I’m actually speechless that I’ve come away with the most amazing friends.

“We’re always going to be a part of it, and you’ve just seen what can happen in years to come,”

Added Gill: “So if they need another companion in the future, I will answer that call.”

With so much changing in the world of Who right now it feels like there could be many opportunities for returns in the near future. Next year, the show will celebrate its 60th birthday with three special episodes in November that we already know will feature David Tennant and Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, but could there be more surprises in store? It seems likely.

During the festive period of 2023 we will see the first full adventure starring Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor, and we’ll be expecting a full series to follow in 2024.

From 2023, a new partnership between the BBC and Disney will see Doctor Who premiere on Disney+ everywhere except the UK and Ireland.