Movie quiz questions and answers

Now there’s no better way to get everyone together than with a good old-fashioned quiz.

Whether it’s to entertain the family at Christmas, for something new when you’ve got friends around – or just because you love doing quizzes and you’ll happily play alone – a quiz is a great way to spend your time.

And movies and films are one of the best subjects for quizzing because, well, people love movies and watch lots of them. That’s why we here at Screen OD have put together the ultimate movie quiz just for you.

There’s lots of questions that will take you across movie genres from comedy to drama and action to sci-fi, as well as all the answers so no-one will be left guessing at the end of this experience.

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But for now, let’s stick to movies as the quiz must begin.

Ready, steady, quiz…

Movie quiz questions and answers

Movie quiz questions

  1. Who directed the movie Jaws?
  2. How many parts are there to The Godfather movie franchise?
  3. Who plays Mrs Robinson in the original film version of The Graduate?
  4. What is the name of the building in which the majority of the Die Hard movie is set?
  5. What phrase is Jack Nicholson’s character best known for uttering in the movie The Shining?
  6. Who played Dr Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park?
  7. In which 70s movie does Robert De Niro famously utter the line “You talkin’ to me?”
  8. In which movie does Marlon Brando’s character say he could have been a contender?
  9. What were the two coloured pills that Neo had to choose from in The Matrix?
  10. What was the dying word of Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane?
  11. Which British actor played the Prime Minister in Love Actually?
  12. What speed must the bus in the move Speed stay above at all times?
  13. In which country was the majority of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies filmed?
  14. Which actor played Mr Chow in the movie The Hangover?
  15. Which 80s movie has a robot that says “Number Five is Alive!”
  16. What is the surname of the family in Home Alone?
  17. Who played the title role in Bridget Jones’ Diary movies?
  18. Which movie features the line “You can’t handle the truth”
  19. How many Carry On films were made?
  20. How many actors have played James Bond in the main movie series (excludes David Niven)?

Movie quiz answers

  1. Steven Spielberg
  2. 3
  3. Anne Bancroft
  4. Nakatomi Plaza
  5. “Here’s Johnny!” 
  6. Jeff Goldblum
  7. Taxi Driver
  8. On the Waterfront
  9. Red and Blue
  10. Rosebud
  11. Hugh Grant
  12. 55 miles per hour
  13. New Zealand
  14. Ken Jeong
  15. Short Circuit
  16. McAllister
  17. Renee Zellweger
  18. A Few Good Men
  19. 31
  20. Six

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