30 Netflix quiz questions and answers

For those who love streaming and quizzing you have just arrived at the best page on the internet.

Yes, if Netflix is your thing and testing your knowledge is a sideline then you’re going to have ample opportunity today to show you know your Stranger Things from your Bridgerton and your Witcher from your thoughts on The Crown.

Netflix has grown to become one of the most important television providers on the planet creating huge amounts of original series that are some of the most talked about in the workplace, school and at home.

But when it comes to a quiz, can you beat our Netflix questions?

Hopefully you already have a general knowledge round planned, and you’ve got movies and TV sorted alongside science fiction and Doctor Who – so now all you need to do is add some questions from our brilliant Netflix quiz and you’ll be in business for the best quiz experience of your life (or at least this week!).

So, subscriptions at the ready and grey matter on standby.

Let’s get ready to quiz hard and quiz right…

Netflix quiz questions and answers

Netflix quiz questions

  1. In which Netflix series does Ashley Walters play the character Dushane?
  2. What is the name of the Tiger King?
  3. Who plays Vanya Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy?
  4. Which acting couple appear opposite one another in The Christmas Chronicles 2?
  5. Which character is played by Emma Corrin and Elizabeth Debicki in The Crown?
  6. Who plays Enola Holmes in the movies?
  7. In which show does Drew Barrymore play Sheila?
  8. What was the first Netflix original series?
  9. In which year did Netflix launch streaming rather than just postal rentals?
  10. In which series does Jason Bateman play Marty Byrde?
  11. Which South Korean thriller show became a huge hit on Netflix in 2021?
  12. Name the Netflix series set in a town called Hawkins.
  13. Which Spanish Netflix drama centres on a group of people trying to rob the Royal Mint in Madrid?
  14. Name the Netflix original movie about Henry V.
  15. Who plays Simon Bassett in Bridgerton?
  16. Henry Cavill plays the lead in which fantasy Netflix series?
  17. Which series has a character called Uhtred?
  18. Piper Chapman is the lead character in which Netflix show?
  19. Which year did Netflix launch?
  20. Which couple made a six-part documentary about their experiences with the Royal Family for Netflix in 2022?
  21. Who plays the lead character in the movie Ice Road?
  22. Which actor plays Adam Reed in the Adam Project?
  23. Which true crime series was centred around the Central Park Five?
  24. Which drama is based around the exploits of Pablo Escobar?
  25. In which country is Call My Agent! Set?
  26. Who stars as Anna in Inventing Anna?
  27. What’s the name of the Netflix golf documentary about the PGA Tour?
  28. Who played Sabrina Spellman in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?
  29. Who directed The Irishman?
  30. Name the Netflix Original set in the Florida Keys.

Netflix quiz answers

  1. Top Boy
  2. Joe Exotic
  3. Elliot Page
  4. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn
  5. Princess Diana
  6. Millie Bobby Brown
  7. Santa Clarita Diet
  8. House of Cards
  9. 2007
  10. Ozark
  11. Squid Game
  12. Stranger Things
  13. Money Heist
  14. The King
  15. Rege-Jean Page
  16. The Witcher
  17. The Last Kingdom
  18. Orange is the New Black
  19. 1997
  20. Harry & Meghan
  21. Liam Neeson
  22. Ryan Reynolds
  23. When They See Us
  24. Narcos
  25. France
  26. Julia Garner
  27. Full Swing
  28. Kiernan Shipka 
  29. Martin Scorsese
  30. Bloodline

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