Netflix secret codes for anime fans

If you love anime the you’re in luck if you’re a subscriber to Netflix as the streaming service has lots of great content for fans of Japanese animation to offer – in fact, it might be said there’s so much that sometimes its hard to find what you’re looking for.

As any anime fan will know, the genre is far more than just one type of content, and so whether you are looking for anime comedy or anime horror, anime drama or anime sci-fi, it can sometimes be quite hard work to find your favourite types of shows and films when you’re presented with one huge screen of content to scroll through.

Have you tried all of our Netflix secret codes?

And that’s where the Netflix anime secret codes come in, a series of numbers that if used in the correct way will allow you to quickly get to the types of anime content that you like or love at the touch of a screen or the push of a few buttons on your computer.

Are you ready to start spending more time watching content and less time scrolling and searching for it?

If so, read on as we reveal the secrets of Netflix codes that will unlock your next favourite show or movie in the anime genre…

How do I find the best anime shows and movies on Netflix?

We’re almost there. It’s really not that difficult to find the exact content you want on Netflix if you know how to do it.

In order to make this hack work you need to have a fully working Netflix subscription. It’s worth noting that this isn’t a hack to try to get free Netflix or access to content that you shouldn’t be able to see, it’s simply a way of filtering the huge amount of content that’s available on the streaming service and divide it up into manageable sized chunks of the types of shows and movies that you might want to watch.

There will be different amounts and types of content available in different countries as Netflix doesn’t have the same catalogue in each country, so be prepared for some of the categories to be more plentiful in their offerings of TV and movies than others.

OK, so what do you need to do? First up type the following URL into Netflix: 

Next, you want to add the Netflix secret code numbers for anime which are 7424.

That will leave you with which if you click on it will take you through to the main anime section on Netflix.

That’s great right, but there’s still a LOT of content on one screen, so try the following numbers to filter your anime experience further.

Netflix anime secret codes

And that’s all you need to do. IT’s a very simple little Netflix hack, but it delivers big results for anyone looking to boost their searching capacity on the streaming service and get to the types of content they ant as quickly as possible.

We hope you find your next favourite anime show or movie using these simple Netflix secret codes.

Happy streaming!